Election spreadsheets
Iain Outlaw
has created Excel spreadsheets for the British General Elections from 1966 -2001

These are available in zipped format

1974 October(156k)
1974 February(145k)
The spreadsheets are in MS Excel workbooks with one sheet displaying the information source and all the results on a second sheet. The results sheet has the following format:-

Column A - Constituency Name
Column B - MP (an asterisk indicates that candidate was an MP in the previous parliament though not necessarily in the same constituency)
Column C - Candidate Name (including gender identifiers Mrs, Miss, Ms. and some titles Dr., Prof., Rev., except in the 1997 and 2001 workbooks for which the candidate's first name is given)
Column D - Party or Platform (Labour/Co-operative candidates are identified separately from Labour)
Column E - Votes polled by candidate
Column F - Percentage of votes polled
Column G - Electorate
Column H - Majority
Column I - Turnout
Column J - Status (Gain, Hold, Win after Boundary Change)
Column K - Declaration Date and Time (for 1997 and 2001)

Because different sources have been used, there may be some small discrepancies between the data in the spreadsheets and the results on this website, though attempts have been made to minimise these. The source is given in the spreadsheets themselves, and is mainly The Daily Telegraph.

If anyone has further information that can resolve these issues with February 1974, please email Richard Kimber.

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