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Fàilte gu Làrach air an Eadar-lìon aig Pàrtaidh Uaine na h-Alba


Principles of the Scottish Green Party
Bunachasan ann an Gàidhlig
1997 General Election Manifesto
Contacting the Scottish Green Party

Principles of the Scottish Green Party

The Scottish Green Party is committed to forming a sustainable society. We are guided by these five interconnected principles:

  1. Ecological Wisdom
    Our environment is the basis upon which every society is formed. Whenever we damage our environment, we damage ourselves. Respect for our environment is therefore essential.
  2. Radical Democracy
    Politics is too often conducted in a polarised, confrontational atmosphere and in a situation remote from those that it affects. We must develop decentralised, participative systems that encourage individuals to control the decisions that affect their own lives.
  3. Social Justice
    A society that is not socially and economically just cannot be sustainable. Only when released from immediate poverty can individuals be expected to take responsibility for wider issues
  4. Non-violence
    Violence at all levels of human interaction must be rejected and succeeded by relations characterised by flexibility, respect and fairness.
  5. Egalitarianism
    Our existing patriarchal society must be replaced by one founded on cooperation and based on respect for, rather than descrimination against, those of a different gender, race, sexuality, age or religion.

These principles taken together give the Scottish Green Party a holistic view that is in common with all Green Parties around the world, but which is unique amongst Scottish Political parties.

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Bunachasan ann an Gàidhlig

Tha Pàrtaidh Uaine na h-Alba roimh-cheangailte ri cruthachadh co-phobuill so-bheathachadh. Gu ruige seo, tha sinn air ar treòrachadh leis na coig bunachasan seo:

  1. Gliocas eigeòlasach
    Is e an àrainneachd againn am bun-stèidh air a bheil gach co- phobull air a chruthachadh. Gach uair agus a tha sinn ar n- àrainneachd a' milleadh, tha sinn 'gar milleadh fhèin. Air an adhbhar sin, tha urram d'ar n-àrainneachd riatanach.
  2. Sluagh-fhlaitheas freumhail
    Tha gnothuichean riaghlaidh air an cùmail air adhart ro thric ann an àileadh connspoideach agus aghaidhnaichte, agus annn an àite fada air falbh bho'n fheadhainn a tha a' faireachdainn an éifeachd. Feumaidh sinn rianachd di-buillsgeanachd agus comh-phàirteach a leasachadh a tha a' toirt misneachd do dhaoine an réiteachadh a tha a' buntainn ri am beatha fhéin a chur fo cheannsal.
  3. Ceartas soisealta
    Chan urrainn do cho-phobull nacheil cothromach a bhith so-bheathachadh. Cha mheasar daoine a bhith comasach ceistean na's fharsainge a' gabhail fo chùram, ach a-mhàin an uair a tha iad air an leigeil saor á bochdainn a tha faisg ri làimh.
  4. An aghaidh ainneirt
    Feumaidh ainneart aig gach ìre cleachdadh an cinne-daonna air a chur as, agus comh-phàirteachadh comharraichte le sùbailteachd, urram agus cothrom na Féinne air a chur 'na h-àite.
  5. Comh-ionannachd
    Feumaidh an co-phobull prìomh-atharireil a tha againn aig an t-ám seo a bhith air cur as le suidheachadh stéidhichte air co-oibreachadh, agus bunaichte air urram airson - an àite leth-bhreith an aghaidh - an fheadhainn aig a bheil eader-dhealachadh a-rèir gnè, cinnidh, bainfhiringse, aoise, no creideimh.

Tha na bunachasan seo - air an gabhail ri cheile - a' toirt do Pàrtaidh Uaine na h-Alba sealladh neo-mheangail a tha cosamhail ri gach Pàrtaidh Uaine air feadh an t-saoghail, ach tha gun shamhail a-measg pàrtaidhean poiliticeach ann an Alba.

Air ais gu mullach taobh-duilleige

Scottish Green Party Election Manifesto

Launched 13/02/97.

Scotland's Future: Green or Grey?

This year's election is especially important. The way votes are cast will elect a Parliament that will take Scotland beyond the year 2000.

"2000 AD" used to be a magical phrase. Until very recently it conjured up a far away world where technology had triumphed.

That has not happened. We lurch from one crisis to another, despite thirty years of economic growth which is far faster than at any other time in human history. A fifth of the world's population is starving and in rich societies old people die because they cannot heat their homes. Economic growth has not helped them. Instead it has piled up mountains of waste, robbed the seas of life and the land of nutrients. It has gorged itself on precious supplies of coal, gas and oil which, once gone, cannot be replaced.

The traditional political parties will tell you that what we need is more of the "bigger, faster, stronger" style of economy so that we can afford to pay for the social and environmental improvements we so urgently need. They don't understand that it is exactly that kind of economy that has caused the problems in the first place.

A Green vision of Scotland

For society to continue the way it is going is simply not possible. Enormous change will happen sooner or later. Crises are inevitable - nuclear accidents, sea levels rising and weather changes because of global warming, or cities being grid-locked by traffic. If we choose to follow a Green path before such crises happen then we will find that life is a lot safer and a lot more pleasant. In these few pages you will find just some of the ideas that would make Scotland Green.

Scotland's natural abundance

Scotland is rich with many of the things we need. We should start with those many advantages and use them to benefit all of the Scottish people.

Daily life

Two of the most basic needs are safe food and housing. Too many people lack these basic essentials.

Improving neighbourhoods

Decisions about planning and transport have a major impact on community life. But too many decisions are made without consultation and with only the needs of the few in mind.

Our commitment to a fairer, more efficient transport system is demonstrated by our lead role in the campaign which succeeded in getting the "Road Traffic Reduction Bill" through Parliament in January 1997. After years of road traffic increasing without restraint, for the first time the law of the land now recognises the need to reduce traffic.

An economy as if people mattered

The way the big parties judge the health of the Scottish economy, by a measure called Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is ridiculous. GDP measures the amount of things bought and sold in an economy. So if you have a crime wave and burglar alarm sales go up, you get an increase in GDP. We would introduce a new measure of economic prosperity; one which added up the value of things that were good for society - such as education and care for older people - and deducted the cost of things that were bad - such as pollution or waste.

Green economic policy recognises the strain that the modern economy puts both on individuals and the environment.

Scotland's current tax system makes no distinction between socially useful activities and those which are damaging. For example, you have to pay tax if you do paid work and VAT if you get repairs done on your house. Greens think you should tax things that are bad.

We would support new forms of business and commerce.

Scotland and the wider world

Scotland has to recognise that the environmental crisis is world wide and we have to play our part in tackling the problems that the poorest countries face. Green politics is the fastest growing movement in the world and Greens are active across the globe.

In the wealthy west we can end our shocking exploitation of the resources of poorer countries by spending our money on things we really need .

The kind of Scotland that people want

Moving to a Green Scotland

A Green Scotland is necessary. The planet and our communities will simply not be able to take the strain of the "more of the same" policies offered by the big parties. A Green Scotland is also attractive. Less waste means more money to spend on things that really matter like education and care for vulnerable people. Changing transport policy to cut pollution also means more shops and services within easy reach of the home. As streets become places for people again opportunities for crime would also decrease.

This manifesto shows that a Green Scotland is also achievable . At the end of the troubled twentieth century many people are looking for a new vision of Scotland. Join the Scottish Green Party in making it a Green vision.

This manifesto is only the briefest summary of some of the detailed policies for a Green Scotland. For further details of our policies see contact detials below.

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Contacting the Scottish Green Party

If you would like more information, or would like to join or donate to the Scottish Green Party, please contact us.
Membership rates are currently 20 pounds (waged); 8 pounds (unwaged).
Cheques should be made payable to "Scottish Green Party".

Scottish Green Party
PO Box 14080
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Phone & Fax
(+44) (0) 131 447 1843


For Regional Green Parties, contact:

Highland Green Party
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Tel. (01349) 830388

Glasgow Green Party
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G43 2HJ
Tel. (0141) 571 1215

Dundee Green Party
15 Trothick Mains

Edinburgh Green Party
28 Briarbank Terrace
Tel. (0131) 337 5227

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