labour leadership 2016

The election was called because Angela Eagle, supported by 51 MPs, challenged Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the party on 11 July 2016. Owen Smith then decided that this was his opportunity and also put his name forward. Angela Eagle was then persuaded to withdraw in favour of Owen Smith. It is not clear why Owen Smith did not challenge Corbyn in the first place.

Leadership result:

Jeremy Corbyn168,21684,91860,075313,20961.85%
Owen Smith116,96036,59939,670193,22938.15%

Jeremy Corbyn wins


Tue 12 JulyFreeze date for membership eligibility
Thu 14 JulyTimetable published
Mon 18 JulyPLP and EuPLP briefing, followed by PLP and EuPLP hustings
Mon 18 JulyRegistered supporters applications open
Mon 18 July: 7.0 pmPLP and EuPLP nominations open
Wed 20 July: 5.0 pmPLP and EuPLP Nominations close
and supporting nominations open
Wed 20 July: 5.0 pmLast date to join as registered supporter
Thu 21 July: 12.0 noonDeadline for validly nominated candidates to consent to nomination
Fri 22 JulyHustings period opens
Mon 8 Aug: 12.0 noonFinal date for membership arrears to be paid in full.
Mon 8 Aug: 12.0 noonFinal date for new and updated affiliated supporter lists to be received
Mon 15 Aug: 12.0 noonSupporting nominations close
Mon 22 AugBallot papers start to be sent out
Wed 14 Sept: 12.0 noonLast date for electronic ballot reissues
Fri 16 SeptHustings period closes
Wed 21 Sept: 12.0 noonBallot closes
Sat 24 SeptSpecial conference to announce result

NB: Supporters are people who support Labour's aims and values and who commit themselves to backing the Party. There are two kinds of supporters: Affiliated and Registered. Affiliated Supporters are people who are on the electoral register and who are members of an organisation (e.g. a trades union) that pays an affiliation fee to the Party on their behalf. Registered supporters are people who are on the electoral register and who register their support with the Party. Both Affilated and Registered supporters are able to sign up either online or by completing a form. The NEC decided that supporters who had paid their £3 and signed up since 12th January 2016 (i.e. 6 months) were not eligible to vote, but could register to vote on the payment of £25.

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