Conservative Leadership Election 2001

Both candidates have been using email to gain support, and relying on supporters to spread the word.

Here are examples of messages sent out:-

Emails from Iain Duncan Smith

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Subject: Iain Duncan Smith backed by 112 Conservative candidates
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 16:55:18 +0100

Iain Duncan Smith's campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party received a boost today when 112 parliamentary candidates declared their support for him.

In a letter in today's 'Daily Telegraph', the candidates - representing a range of Conservative views - stated that 'In an age of cynicism about politics, Iain stands out as one of the most honest, decent and principled people in public life today.'

They warned that for all his talents, Kenneth Clarke, in supporting closer European integration, disagrees with most of the party and the country as a whole. If he were elected, the candidates argued, 'the danger is that the Labour Government would bring forward European issues week after week to create divisions in our ranks. By contrast, Iain will lead with clarity and tolerance - clarity in opposing further European integration and tolerance of the minority of Conservatives who support it.'

'This clarity will enable the party to focus on the issues which concern most voters every day of their lives - health, care of the elderly, education, transport and crime'

A spokesman for Iain Duncan Smith commented: 'We welcome this support from candidates from the last election, many of whom stood for the first time and who represent the future of the party. This backs up Iain's message that he can unify the party and take it forward with innovative new policies to regain the common ground for the Conservatives and win the next general election.'

Thank you for your interest in Iain Duncan Smith's campaign for leadership of the Conservative Party.
To keep in touch with the latest developments, visit the Iain Duncan Smith campaign website at . Feel free to forward this message to your own contacts.

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Subject: 14 New MPs endorse Iain Duncan Smith
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 17:56:59 +0100

In another boost for Iain Duncan Smith's campaign, in yesterday's Daily Telegraph 14 new MPs - all elected for the first time on 7 June, and representing a range of opinions - joined together to argue that Iain Duncan Smith would unite the Conservative Party and lead it to victory.

The MPs wrote:
"Voters will only pay more attention to our party when we focus on the common ground that interests them - health, education, the environment, transport and the fight against crime. Yet our view on these issues will only matter when we stop talking about Europe. And to do this we must be led by someone who, like most of the party and the public, supports Britain's position as a self-governing nation with its own currency."

"Precisely because Iain can unite the party on Europe, he will be able to broaden our agenda and allow Conservatives to be heard when we address the questions which worry people most."

The MPs added:
"We are concerned about the appalling turnout at the election. Many electors are alienated from politics and do not trust politicians. Iain can reconnect with voters by his straightforward approach to issues which concern them. He had a career before politics and he has a track record of standing up for his beliefs."

"Tony Blair dazzles with his spin; Iain impresses with his substance. He can make a fine leader of the Opposition from now to the next election, and an even better prime minister after it."

The letter was signed by Richard Bacon MP, Jonathan Djanogly MP, Peter Duncan MP, Mark Francois MP, Paul Goodman MP, Chris Grayling MP, Patrick Mercer MP, Andrew Rosindell MP, Andrew Selous MP, Mark Simmonds MP, Hugo Swire MP, Andrew Turner MP, Angela Watkinson MP, and Bill Wiggin MP.

To read the full text of the letter, visit the Daily Telegraph website at

To keep up to date with the Iain Duncan Smith leadership campaign,

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Subject: Iain Duncan Smith Campaign - hustings update
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 18:17:09 +0100

Iain Duncan Smith is looking forward to putting his case before as many members of the Party as possible. Over the next few weeks he'll be travelling around Britain, meeting and listening to local activists. In addition, from 22 August onwards he'll be taking part in nine hustings meetings organised by the Party, at which both candidates will be present.

The hustings format is as follows: each candidate will have 45 minutes to make a speech and take questions from the floor. A neutral, senior member of the Party will chair each event.
The hustings will take place as follows:

22 August
1 pm, Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street Westminster SW1

St Ives
24 August
7.15 pm, Burgess Hall, St Ivo Recreation Centre, Westwood Road, St Ives

28 August
7 pm, The Bacon Theatre, Dean Close School, Cheltenham

29 August
7 pm, Hawth Theatre, Hawth Avenue, Crawley

1 September
Scottish Conference, Perth

3 September
7 pm, The Guildhall, Armada Way, Plymouth

4 September
7 pm, Stockport Town Hall, Wellington Road South, Stockport

6 September
7 pm, Tregonwell Hall, Bournemoth International Centre

7 September
7 pm, Harrogate Grammar School, Arthur Avenue, Harrogate

For information (as it become available) on forthcoming events, news reports from the nationwide tour, and updates on the campaign, keep checking our website at

Note: all those who want to attend hustings meetings should remember that they are being organised by the Party and not by the leadership campaigns. Any Conservative Member who wishes to attend a hustings meeting must contact his or her local Conservative Association office where details will be taken to determine entitlement to attend and information given on access procedures.

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Subject: My Manifesto - Restoring Our Party and Our Principles
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:19:36 +0100

Dear Colleague,
As you will know, I am standing for the Leadership of the Conservative Party. Today I am publishing my manifesto which sets out the policies I believe are necessary to lead a united Conservative Party into the next General Election. You can read the manifesto or visit our campaign website at

As I point out in my manifesto, the Conservative Party must become electable again, and to be electable we must be united. Without unity, all our efforts will be wasted. I am determined that with clear and honest leadership, we can develop coherent policies on the health service, welfare, education, the environment, transport and the fight against crime - all issues of vital importance to the electorate. We can do that if we put the splits and failures of the past behind us. We have a settled policy on Europe and we must not re-open that whole question once again.

Instead, let us inspire the electorate once again with our Conservative principles. The Conservative principles of freedom, tolerance and concern for the individual are principles which can reach out to the common ground of politics and it is our duty as Conservatives to give all of our people justifiable reasons to vote Conservative again.

As a Party, working together at all levels, we can reach out to those who no longer felt we were relevant to their lives. We can widen our appeal to disaffected Labour and Liberal supporters and we can win back those 6 million voters. That would be the central purpose of my leadership.

Yours sincerely

Iain Duncan Smith MP

P.S. Please feel free to forward this message to your friends and colleagues.

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Subject: Newsnight Poll
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 16:45:39 +0100

Many of you will have watched last night's Newsnight, in which Iain Duncan Smith went head-to-head with Kenneth Clarke.

Today Newsnight are conducting an online poll in which viewers are asked to vote for the candidate who performed better in the debate. If you'd like to vote in the Newsnight poll,

click here to visit Newsnight site

or alternatively go to

Please forward this message to all your fellow Iain Duncan Smith supporters - and keep in touch by visiting the Iain Duncan Smith campaign website at

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Subject: farewell from the website
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 18:54:34 +0100

As the leadership election reaches its conclusion, the website is being wound down; the campaign email account and other voteids accounts will no longer be operative after midnight tonight.

Iain Duncan Smith is grateful to all the members of the Party who voted for him, and to everyone who worked on his campaign team. He believes that we mounted a strong campaign, focusing on the big issues that matter to the vast majority of the British people - including welfare, health, education and the environment - and thanks you for your interest in our website.

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