Results and Analysis 1997

General Election, 1st May 1997: The final number of seats won by the parties was:

659 seats
Con 165 (-178);   Lab 418 (+Speaker) (+146);   LibD 46 (+28);   SNP 6 (+3);   PC 4 (n/c);   Others 19 (+1)
A working Labour majority of 178:

There is a breakdown of seats and percentage votes by region

The list of MPs gives full results for each constituency
Results are available in zipped Excel spreadsheet format

The total electorate was 43,881,939 of whom 31,284,698 voted - a turnout of 71.29%
The average electorate size was 66,588.68. In Conservative won seats the average was 70,593.87, Labour 65,299.59, LibDem 67,125.76, Plaid Cymru 46,708.00, and SNP 59,112.00.

 ElectorateTotal VoteTurnout
Northern Ireland1,177,969790,76267.13%


Approximately 38 'parties' stood in the election - see the full list for details. The reason for the uncertainty is that there was some flexibility in the reporting of candidates' affiliations. In some cases individual candidates stood under imaginative party labels but were essentially just lone independents. Sometimes they were given their actual label, sometimes they were called 'Independent'. I haven't thought it worthwhile to track down the correct label for every minor candidate. The three major parties between them accounted for 90.62% of the votes cast. But Labour achieved its 63.43% of seats on the basis of support from 30.81% of the electorate. The list shows the percentage of votes obtained by each of the parties. 1,569 candidates lost their deposits.

A total of 3,724 candidates stood in the election. 63 candidates (all Labour) obtained majorities that were more than 50% of the votes cast.

The average size of majority was 10,767. The average Conservative majority was 6,593, Labour was twice the size at 13,247, and LibDem 5,223. These figures may be seen in comparison with other elections here. There is a list of constituencies in order of percentage majority, together with separate lists for the three main parties in order of marginality. It is also interesting to note that in just over half (52.5%) of the constituencies the winner had more than 50% of the votes cast, and there is a list of constituencies in order of the winner's percentage of votes cast. One issue that often interests people is what proportion of the electorate a winning candidate achieves. This is also included in this list. Turnout ranged from 51.57% in Liverpool Riverside to 85.76 in Mid Ulster. Constituencies are listed in order of turnout.

Transcripts are available of the Conservative and Labour party election television broadcasts

Copies of party election manifestos are available for the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties

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