UK General Election results February 1974 UK General Election results February 1974

28th February 1974

Aggregate data and statistical breakdowns

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635 constituencies

Aberavon — Banbury Banff — Bethnall Green & Bow Bexleyheath — Bournemouth West Bradford North — Caithness & Sutherland Cambridge — Cirencester & Tewkesbury City of London & Westminster South — Derbyshire North East Derbyshire South East — Eastbourne East Grinstead — Fife Central Fife East — Goole Gosport — Hemel Hempstead Hemsworth — Huyton Ilford — Leeds South Leeds South East — Luton West Macclesfield — Newark Newbury — Oldham West Orkney & Shetland — Reading North Reading South — St Pancras North Salford East — Staffordshire South West Stalybridge & Hyde — Thornaby Thurrock — West Bromwich West Westbury — York

Sources: The Times, and Whitaker's Almanack
Electorate figures are total electorate on the new register, less those becoming 18 during the period of the register (Times Guide October 1974). It seems odd that Returning Officers are not obliged to certify the precise number of electors entitled to vote in an election, as part of the declaration of the result.
Many constituency boundaries were re-drawn. Where the changes were substantial these have been noted. Some constituencies had minor changes that have not been noted.

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