UK election voting results and analysis 1970

General Election, 8th October 1959:
The final number of seats won by the parties was:

630 seats:
Con 365¹ (+20);   Lab 258 (-19);   Lib 6 (-);   Others 1 (-1)  
¹ Includes 11 Ulster Unionists, 1 Independent Ulster Unionist, 6 Conservative & National Liberal, 4 National Liberal & Conservative, 2 Conservative & Liberal, 6 Liberal & Conservative, and 1 National Liberal
A Conservative majority of: 100 (no Speaker standing for re-election)

There is a breakdown of seats by region

Full results for each constituency

The total electorate was 35,388,579 of whom 27,862,738 voted - a turnout of 78.73%
The average electorate size was 56,172.35. In Conservative won seats the average was 56,731.06 (not including associates), Labour 55,346.52, Liberal 40,878.33

 ElectorateTotal VoteTurnout
Northern Ireland864,536576,11366.64%


Approximately 27 'parties' stood in the election - see the full list of parties for details. The three major parties between them accounted for 94.87% of the votes cast. But the Conservatives achieved their 57.94% of seats on the basis of support from 38.85% of the electorate. The list shows the percentage of votes obtained by each of the parties. 116 candidates lost their deposits.

A total of 1,536 candidates stood in the election. 28 candidates (18 Labour, 4 Conservative, and 6 Ulster Unionist) obtained majorities that were more than 50% of the votes cast, and 7 candidates had majorities that were more than 50% of the electorate. There is a list of constituencies in order of percentage majority, together with separate lists for the three main parties in order of marginality. It is also interesting to note that in 87.46% of the constituencies the winner had more than 50% of the votes cast, and there is a list of constituencies in order of the winner's percentage of votes cast. One issue that often interests people is what proportion of the electorate a winning candidate achieves. This is also included in this list. Turnout ranged from 56.43% in Down South to 90.68% in Belfast East. Constituencies are listed in order of turnout.

Copies of party election manifestos are available for the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal parties

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