UK General Election results October 1931 UK General Election results October 1931

27th October 1931

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595 Constituencies, 615 MPs: See below

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Source: The Times
Thanks to Andrew Stidwill for his hard work in inputting and checking the results for 1931

The question of turnout is slightly complicated by the existence of two-member seats and some STV elections. Normally, in single-member seats, turnout is interpreted as the proportion of the registered electorate that casts valid votes, and is seen as a measure of the propensity to vote. In those seats where each elector had two votes, it is not clear from the published figures how many people actually voted, and so the figure given for turnout in these constituencies is actually the total number of valid votes as a proportion of the total possible number of votes (twice the registered electorate).

Single-member constituencies, excluding Universities573573
Two-member constituencies, excluding Universities1530
Single-member University constituencies33
Two-member University constituencies36
Three-member University constituencies13


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