UK General Election results June 2017

8th June 2017
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets. MPs in the previous Parliament are marked †.

Lewisham West & Penge — LoughboroughLouth & Horncastle — Mansfield
Lewisham West & Penge

[E] Labour hold

Ellie ReevesLabour35,41166.57%
Shaun BaileyConservative12,24923.03%
John Francis RussellLiberal Democrat3,3176.24%
Karen Nicola WhellerGreen Party1,1442.15%
Hoong-Wai CheahUKIP7001.32%
Katherine HortenseChristian Peoples Alliance3250.61%
Russell WhitePopulist Party500.09%

Electorate: 72,900; Turnout: 72.97%; Majority: 23,162 (43.54%)
Total vote: 53,196; Rejected ballots: 156; Valid postal votes: 8,593

Leyton & Wanstead

[E] Labour hold

John Robert Cryer †Labour32,23469.81%
Laura Rose FarrisConservative9,62720.85%
Ben SimsLiberal Democrat2,9616.41%
Ashley GunstockGreen Party1,3512.93%

Electorate: 65,149; Turnout: 70.87%; Majority: 22,607 (48.96%)
Total vote: 46,173; Rejected ballots: 139; Valid postal votes: 7,789


[E] Conservative hold

Michael Louis David Fabricant †Conservative34,01863.56%
Christopher Frank WorseyLabour15,43728.84%
Paul William Wakelin RayLiberal Democrat2,6534.96%
Robert Edward Leslie PassGreen Party1,4162.65%

Electorate: 74,430; Turnout: 71.71%; Majority: 18,581 (34.72%)
Total vote: 53,524; Rejected ballots: 147; Valid postal votes: 8,724


[E] Labour gain from Conservative

Karen Elizabeth LeeLabour23,33347.89%
Karl Ian McCartney †Conservative21,79544.74%
Nick SmithUKIP1,2872.64%
Caroline Hilda KenyonLiberal Democrat1,2842.64%
Benjamin Jeffery Leigh LorymanGreen Party5831.20%
Phil GrayIndependent3120.64%
Iain Alexander Scott-BurdonIndependent1240.25%

Electorate: 73,111; Turnout: 66.64%; Majority: 1,538 (3.16%)
Total vote: 48,718; Rejected ballots: 79; Valid postal votes: 9,117

Linlithgow & East Falkirk

[S] SNP hold

Martyn Day †SNP20,38836.35%
Joan Margaret CoombesLabour17,46931.14%
Charles John KennedyConservative16,31129.08%
Sally PattleLiberal Democrat1,9263.43%

Electorate: 86,186; Turnout: 65.08%; Majority: 2,919 (5.20%)
Total vote: 56,094; Rejected ballots: 92; Valid postal votes: 11,813

Liverpool Riverside

[E] Labour Co-op hold

Louise Joyce Ellman †Labour40,59984.55%
Pamela Theresa HallConservative4,6529.69%
Stephanie Louise PitchersGreen Party1,5823.29%
Tom SebireLiberal Democrat1,1872.47%

Electorate: 76,332; Turnout: 62.91%; Majority: 35,947 (74.86%)
Total vote: 48,020; Rejected ballots: 158; Valid postal votes: 7,860

Liverpool Walton

[E] Labour hold

Dan CardenLabour36,17585.73%
Laura Kathryn EvansConservative3,6248.59%
Terry MayIndependent1,2372.93%
Kris BrownLiberal Democrat6381.51%
Colm FeeleyGreen Party5231.24%

Electorate: 62,738; Turnout: 67.26%; Majority: 32,551 (77.14%)
Total vote: 42,197; Rejected ballots: 103; Valid postal votes: 7,171

Liverpool Wavertree

[E] Labour Co-op hold

Luciana Berger †Labour34,71779.55%
Denise Louise HaddadConservative5,25112.03%
Richard KempLiberal Democrat2,8586.55%
Ted GrantGreen Party5981.37%
Adam HeatheringtonIndependent2160.49%

Electorate: 62,411; Turnout: 69.92%; Majority: 29,466 (67.52%)
Total vote: 43,640; Rejected ballots: 119; Valid postal votes: 8,164

Liverpool West Derby

[E] Labour Co-op hold

Stephen Twigg †Labour37,37182.75%
Paul Daryl RichardsonConservative4,4639.88%
Steven RadfordLiberal Party2,1504.76%
Paul John Twigger ParrLiberal Democrat5451.21%
Will WardGreen Party3290.73%
Graham David HughesIndependent3050.68%

Electorate: 65,164; Turnout: 69.31%; Majority: 32,908 (72.86%)
Total vote: 45,163; Rejected ballots: 112; Valid postal votes: 9,044


[S] SNP hold

Hannah Mary Bardell †SNP21,03640.06%
Rhea Caroline WolfsonLabour17,15832.68%
Damian Joseph TimsonConservative12,79924.38%
Charles Christopher DundasLiberal Democrat1,5122.88%

Electorate: 81,208; Turnout: 64.65%; Majority: 3,878 (7.39%)
Total vote: 52,505; Rejected ballots: 84; Valid postal votes: 12,120


[W] Labour hold

Nia Rhiannon Griffith †Labour21,56853.46%
Stephen Andrew DaviesConservative9,54423.66%
Mari Frances Gaynor ArthurPlaid Cymru7,35118.22%
Ken ReesUKIP1,3313.30%
Rory DanielsLiberal Democrat5481.36%

Electorate: 60,185; Turnout: 67.03%; Majority: 12,024 (29.81%)
Total vote: 40,342; Rejected ballots: 56; Valid postal votes: 12,217

Londonderry East

[N] DUP hold

Gregory Campbell †DUP19,72348.07%
Dermot NichollSinn Féin10,88126.52%
Stephanie QuigleySDLP4,42310.78%
Richard John HolmesUUP3,1357.64%
Chris McCawAlliance Party2,5386.19%
Liz St Clair-LeggeConservative3300.80%

Electorate: 67,038; Turnout: 61.20%; Majority: 8,842 (21.55%)
Total vote: 41,030; Rejected ballots: 248; Valid postal votes: 1,206


[E] Conservative hold

Nicola Ann Morgan †Conservative27,02249.90%
Jewel MiahLabour22,75342.02%
David Robert Frank WalkerLiberal Democrat1,9373.58%
Andrew Stuart McWilliamUKIP1,4652.71%
Philip Alexander LeicesterGreen Party9711.79%

Electorate: 79,607; Turnout: 68.02%; Majority: 4,269 (7.88%)
Total vote: 54,148; Rejected ballots: 110; Valid postal votes: 10,733

Louth & Horncastle

[E] Conservative hold

Victoria Atkins †Conservative33,73363.92%
Julie Ann SpeedLabour14,09226.70%
Jonathan Howard NobleUKIP2,4604.66%
Lisa Marie GabrielLiberal Democrat1,9903.77%
The Iconic Arty-PoleLoony4960.94%

Electorate: 79,007; Turnout: 66.79%; Majority: 19,641 (37.22%)
Total vote: 52,771; Rejected ballots: 84; Valid postal votes: 11,865


[E] Conservative hold

Philip Martin Dunne †Conservative31,43362.90%
Julia BuckleyLabour12,14724.31%
Heather Mary KiddLiberal Democrat5,33610.68%
Hilary Raborg Houchin WendtGreen Party1,0542.11%

Electorate: 68,034; Turnout: 73.45%; Majority: 19,286 (38.60%)
Total vote: 49,970; Rejected ballots: 140; Valid postal votes: 10,261

Luton North

[E] Labour hold

Kelvin Peter Hopkins †Labour29,76563.84%
Caroline June KerswellConservative15,40133.03%
Rabi MartinsLiberal Democrat8081.73%
Simon David HallGreen Party6481.39%

Electorate: 68,811; Turnout: 67.58%; Majority: 14,364 (30.81%)
Total vote: 46,622; Rejected ballots: 120; Valid postal votes: 7,688

Luton South

[E] Labour Co-op hold

Gavin Shuker †Labour28,80462.44%
Dean RussellConservative14,87932.25%
Andrew StrangeLiberal Democrat1,0562.29%
Ujjawal UbUKIP7951.72%
Marc ScheimannGreen Party4390.95%
Abid AliIndependent1600.35%

Electorate: 67,188; Turnout: 68.51%; Majority: 13,925 (30.18%)
Total vote: 46,133; Rejected ballots: 100; Valid postal votes: 6,504


[E] Conservative hold

David Henry Rutley †Conservative28,59552.65%
Neil Francis PuttickLabour19,98736.80%
Richard Dominic FlowersLiberal Democrat3,3506.17%
James Andrew BoothGreen Party1,2132.23%
Mark Andrew JohnsonIndependent1,1622.14%

Electorate: 75,228; Turnout: 72.19%; Majority: 8,608 (15.85%)
Total vote: 54,307; Rejected ballots: 137; Valid postal votes: 13,520


[E] Conservative hold

Theresa Mary May †Conservative37,71864.76%
Patrick Sarchfield McDonaldLabour11,26119.34%
Anthony Charles HillLiberal Democrat6,54011.23%
Derek Norman WallGreen Party9071.56%
Gerard Joseph BattenUKIP8711.50%
Andrew David KnightAnimal Welfare Party2820.48%
Lord BucketheadIndependent2490.43%
Grant Jonathan SmithIndependent1520.26%
Alan HopeLoony1190.20%
Edmonds VictorChristian Peoples Alliance690.12%
Julian Michael Ivo ReidThe Just Political Party520.09%
Yemi HailemariamIndependent160.03%
Bobby SmithIndependent30.01%

Electorate: 76,076; Turnout: 76.55%; Majority: 26,457 (45.43%)
Total vote: 58,239; Rejected ballots: 108; Valid postal votes: 8,956

Maidstone & The Weald

[E] Conservative hold

Helen Grant †Conservative29,15656.38%
Allen Mark SimpsonLabour11,43322.11%
Emily FermorLiberal Democrat8,45516.35%
Pamela Elizabeth WattsUKIP1,6133.12%
Stuart JefferyGreen Party8881.72%
Yolande Ann KenwardIndependent1720.33%

Electorate: 75,334; Turnout: 68.65%; Majority: 17,723 (34.27%)
Total vote: 51,717; Rejected ballots: 83; Valid postal votes: 12,502


[E] Labour hold

Yvonne Helen Fovargue †Labour28,24560.18%
Adam Robert CarneyConservative14,70331.33%
Bob BrierleyIndependent2,6635.67%
John Charles SkipworthLiberal Democrat1,3222.82%

Electorate: 74,245; Turnout: 63.21%; Majority: 13,542 (28.85%)
Total vote: 46,933; Rejected ballots: 104; Valid postal votes: 11,543


[E] Conservative hold

John F L Whittingdale †Conservative34,11167.95%
Peter W C EdwardsLabour10,68121.28%
Zoe Imogen O'ConnellLiberal Democrat2,1814.34%
Jesse Clifford PrykeUKIP1,8993.78%
Steven Robert BetteridgeGreen Party1,0732.14%
Richard Andrew PerryFighting Unsustainable Housing2570.51%

Electorate: 71,470; Turnout: 70.24%; Majority: 23,430 (46.67%)
Total vote: 50,202; Rejected ballots: 99; Valid postal votes: 9,024

Manchester Central

[E] Labour Co-op hold

Lucy Maria Powell †Labour38,49077.41%
Xingang WangConservative7,04514.17%
John Richard BridgesLiberal Democrat1,6783.37%
Kalvin Paul ChapmanUKIP1,4692.95%
Rachael Alice ShahGreen Party8461.70%
Neil Alexander BlackburnPirate Party1920.39%

Electorate: 90,673; Turnout: 54.83%; Majority: 31,445 (63.24%)
Total vote: 49,720; Rejected ballots: 150; Valid postal votes: 10,364

Manchester Gorton

[E] Labour hold

Mohammed Afzai KhanLabour35,08576.35%
Shaden JaradatConservative3,3557.30%
George GallowayIndependent2,6155.69%
Jackie PearceyLiberal Democrat2,5975.65%
Jess MayoGreen Party1,0382.26%
Phil EckersleyUKIP9522.07%
Kemi AbidogunChristian Peoples Alliance2330.51%
David Michael HopkinsIndependent510.11%
Peter CliffordCommunist270.06%

Electorate: 75,360; Turnout: 60.98%; Majority: 31,730 (69.05%)
Total vote: 45,953; Rejected ballots: 145; Valid postal votes: 8,621

Manchester Withington

[E] Labour hold

Jeff Smith †Labour38,42471.68%
John LeechLiberal Democrat8,54915.95%
Sarah HealdConservative5,53010.32%
Laura Alice BannisterGreen Party8651.61%
Sally CarrWomen's Equality Party2340.44%

Electorate: 74,654; Turnout: 71.80%; Majority: 29,875 (55.73%)
Total vote: 53,602; Rejected ballots: 134; Valid postal votes: 10,976


[E] Conservative gain from Lab

Benjamin David BradleyConservative23,39246.64%
Joseph Alan Meale †Labour22,33544.53%
David Sidney PepperUKIP2,6545.29%
Philip ShieldsIndependent1,0792.15%
Anita PrabhakarLiberal Democrat6971.39%

Electorate: 77,811; Turnout: 64.46%; Majority: 1,057 (2.11%)
Total vote: 50,157; Rejected ballots: 99; Valid postal votes: 11,527

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