UK General Election results June 2017

8th June 2017
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets. MPs in the previous Parliament are marked †.

Heywood & Middleton — Hull West & HessleHuntingdon — Keighley
Heywood & Middleton

[E] Labour hold

Elizabeth Anne McInnes †Labour26,57853.30%
Christopher Mark ClarksonConservative18,96138.02%
Lee Jason SevilleUKIP3,2396.50%
William WinlowLiberal Democrat1,0872.18%

Electorate: 79,901; Turnout: 62.41%; Majority: 7,617 (15.28%)
Total vote: 49,865; Rejected ballots: 97; Valid postal votes: 9,674

High Peak

[E] Labour gain from Conservative

Ruth Stephanie Nicole GeorgeLabour26,75349.68%
Andrew Russell Bingham †Conservative24,43145.37%
Charles Edward LawleyLiberal Democrat2,6694.96%

Electorate: 73,248; Turnout: 73.52%; Majority: 2,322 (4.31%)
Total vote: 53,853; Rejected ballots: 160; Valid postal votes: 11,410

Hitchin & Harpenden

[E] Conservative hold

Abimbola AfolamiConservative31,18952.98%
John Simon HayesLabour19,15832.54%
Hugh Martin James AnnandLiberal Democrat6,32610.75%
Richard Alexander CanoGreen Party1,3292.26%
Raymond Paul BlakeIndependent6291.07%
Sidney Clifford CordleChristian Peoples Alliance2420.41%

Electorate: 75,916; Turnout: 77.44%; Majority: 12,031 (20.44%)
Total vote: 58,873; Rejected ballots: 138; Valid postal votes: 13,686

Holborn & St Pancras

[E] Labour hold

Keir Starmer †Labour41,34370.08%
Tim BarnesConservative10,83418.36%
Steven CrosherLiberal Democrat4,0206.81%
Sian Rebecca BerryGreen Party1,9803.36%
Giles GameUKIP7271.23%
Janus PolenceusEnglish Democrats930.16%

Electorate: 88,089; Turnout: 66.97%; Majority: 30,509 (51.71%)
Total vote: 58,997; Rejected ballots: 178; Valid postal votes: 11,049

Hornchurch & Upminster

[E] Conservative hold

Julia Louise DockerillConservative33,75060.22%
Sukhninder Singh GillLabour16,02728.60%
Lawrence James WebbUKIP3,5026.25%
Jonathan Stuart MitchellLiberal Democrat1,3712.45%
Peter CatonGreen Party1,0771.92%
David FurnessBNP3180.57%

Electorate: 80,802; Turnout: 69.40%; Majority: 17,723 (31.62%)
Total vote: 56,045; Rejected ballots: 110; Valid postal votes: 11,090

Hornsey & Wood Green

[E] Labour hold

Catherine West †Labour40,73865.40%
Dawn BarnesLiberal Democrat10,00016.05%
Emma Louise LaneConservative9,24614.84%
Sam HallGreen Party1,1811.90%
Nimco AliWomen's Equality Party5510.88%
Ruth PriceUKIP4290.69%
Helen Spiby-VannChristian Peoples Alliance930.15%
Anna Christine AthowWorkers Revolutionary Party550.09%

Electorate: 79,946; Turnout: 77.92%; Majority: 30,738 (49.34%)
Total vote: 62,293; Rejected ballots: 158; Valid postal votes: 11,255


[E] Conservative hold

Jeremy Mark Quin †Conservative36,90659.54%
Susannah Mary BradyLabour13,42221.65%
Morwen Elizabeth MillsonLiberal Democrat7,64412.33%
Catherine Mary RossGreen Party1,8442.97%
Roger John ArthurUKIP1,5332.47%
Raymond James SmithSomething New3750.60%
James Joseph DugganPeace Party2630.42%

Electorate: 82,772; Turnout: 74.89%; Majority: 23,484 (37.89%)
Total vote: 61,987; Rejected ballots: 106; Valid postal votes: 14,331

Houghton & Sunderland South

[E] Labour hold

Bridget Maeve Phillipson †Labour24,66559.46%
Paul HowellConservative12,32429.71%
Michael Anthony JoyceUKIP2,3795.74%
Paul John EdgeworthLiberal Democrat9082.19%
Richard Peter BradleyGreen Party7251.75%
Mick WatsonIndependent4791.15%

Electorate: 68,123; Turnout: 60.89%; Majority: 12,341 (29.75%)
Total vote: 41,480; Rejected ballots: 77; Valid postal votes: 22,956


[E] Labour hold

Peter Kyle †Labour36,94264.14%
Kristy AdamsConservative18,18531.57%
Carrie HyndsLiberal Democrat1,3112.28%
Phelim Mac CaffertyGreen Party9711.69%
Charley SabelIndependent1870.32%

Electorate: 74,236; Turnout: 77.42%; Majority: 18,757 (32.57%)
Total vote: 57,596; Rejected ballots: 120; Valid postal votes: 13,696


[E] Labour Co-op hold

Barry John Sheerman †Labour26,47060.39%
Scott Lloyd BentonConservative14,46533.00%
Andrew Varah CooperGreen Party1,3953.18%
Zulfiqar AliLiberal Democrat1,1552.63%
Bikashi KatengaYorkshire Party2740.63%
Marteen Suneel Reddy ThokkudubiyyapuIndependent750.17%

Electorate: 67,037; Turnout: 65.39%; Majority: 12,005 (27.39%)
Total vote: 43,834; Rejected ballots: 116; Valid postal votes: 9,584

Kingston upon Hull East

[E] Labour hold

Karl Turner †Labour21,35558.29%
Simon Edward BurtonConservative10,95929.91%
Mark Alan FoxUKIP2,5737.02%
Andrew Clive Glover MarchingtonLiberal Democrat1,2583.43%
Julia Rae BrownGreen Party4931.35%

Electorate: 65,959; Turnout: 55.57%; Majority: 10,396 (28.37%)
Total vote: 36,638; Rejected ballots: 60; Valid postal votes: 5,610

Kingston upon Hull North

[E] Labour hold

Diana Ruth Johnson †Labour23,68563.80%
Lia Nici-TownendConservative9,36325.22%
Michael James RossLiberal Democrat1,8695.03%
Harold John KitchenerUKIP1,6014.31%
Martin John DeaneGreen Party6041.63%

Electorate: 64,665; Turnout: 57.41%; Majority: 14,322 (38.58%)
Total vote: 37,122; Rejected ballots: 76; Valid postal votes: 5,310

Kingston upon Hull West & Hessle

[E] Labour hold

Emma Ann HardyLabour18,34253.07%
Christine Ann MackayConservative10,31729.85%
Claire ThomasLiberal Democrat2,2106.39%
Michelle Louise Faye DewberryIndependent1,8985.49%
Gary Colin ShoresUKIP1,3994.05%
Michael John LammimanGreen Party3320.96%
William Anthony TaylorLibertarian Party670.19%

Electorate: 60,181; Turnout: 57.44%; Majority: 8,025 (23.22%)
Total vote: 34,565; Rejected ballots: 48; Valid postal votes: 5,496


[E] Conservative hold

Jonathan Simon Djanogly †Conservative32,91555.12%
Nicholas Grant JohnsonLabour18,44030.88%
Roderick Giles CantrillLiberal Democrat5,0908.52%
Paul BullenUKIP2,1803.65%
Thomas MaclennanGreen Party1,0951.83%

Electorate: 84,273; Turnout: 70.86%; Majority: 14,475 (24.24%)
Total vote: 59,720; Rejected ballots: 136; Valid postal votes: 11,504


[E] Labour hold

Graham Peter Jones †Labour24,12053.36%
Kevin Thomas HorkinConservative18,30540.50%
Janet BrownUKIP1,9534.32%
Leslie JonesLiberal Democrat8241.82%

Electorate: 71,601; Turnout: 63.13%; Majority: 5,815 (12.86%)
Total vote: 45,202; Rejected ballots: 105; Valid postal votes: 10,667

Ilford North

[E] Labour hold

Wesley Paul William Streeting †Labour30,58957.78%
Lee ScottConservative20,95039.57%
Richard ClareLiberal Democrat1,0341.95%
Doris Deborah OsenIndependent3680.70%

Electorate: 73,045; Turnout: 72.48%; Majority: 9,639 (18.21%)
Total vote: 52,941; Rejected ballots: 111; Valid postal votes: 9,187

Ilford South

[E] Labour Co-op hold

Michael John Gapes †Labour43,72475.83%
Christopher James ChapmanConservative12,07720.95%
Farid AhmedLiberal Democrat7721.34%
Anne Rosemary WarringtonGreen Party5420.94%
Tariq SaeedUKIP4770.83%
Kane KhanFriends Party650.11%

Electorate: 85,435; Turnout: 67.49%; Majority: 31,647 (54.89%)
Total vote: 57,657; Rejected ballots: 146; Valid postal votes: 8,565


[S] SNP hold

Ronnie Cowan †SNP15,05038.50%
Martin McCluskeyLabour14,66637.52%
David WilsonConservative8,39921.48%
David StevensLiberal Democrat9782.50%

Electorate: 58,853; Turnout: 66.42%; Majority: 384 (0.98%)
Total vote: 39,093; Rejected ballots: 57; Valid postal votes: 10,058

Inverness Nairn Badenoch & Strathspey

[S] SNP hold

Drew Hendry †SNP21,04239.85%
Nicholas TullochConservative16,11830.53%
Mike RobbLabour8,55216.20%
Ritchie CunninghamLiberal Democrat6,47712.27%
Donald Macleod BoydScottish Christian Party6121.16%

Electorate: 76,844; Turnout: 68.71%; Majority: 4,924 (9.33%)
Total vote: 52,801; Rejected ballots: 54; Valid postal votes: 14,143


[E] Labour gain from Conservative

Alexander Gordon MartinLabour24,22447.37%
Benedict Michael Gummer †Conservative23,39345.75%
Colin Anthony GouldUKIP1,3722.68%
Adrian James Hyyrylainen-TrettLiberal Democrat1,1872.32%
Charlotte ArmstrongGreen Party8401.64%
David T TabaneIndependent1210.24%

Electorate: 75,668; Turnout: 67.58%; Majority: 831 (1.63%)
Total vote: 51,137; Rejected ballots: 100; Valid postal votes: 12,232

Isle of Wight

[E] Conservative hold

Bob SeelyConservative38,19051.28%
Julian Mark Donald CritchleyLabour17,12122.99%
Vix LowthionGreen Party12,91517.34%
Nick BelfittLiberal Democrat2,7403.68%
Daryll PitcherUKIP1,9212.58%
Julie Marie Jones-EvansIndependent1,5922.14%

Electorate: 111683; Turnout: 66.69%; Majority: 21,069 (28.29%)
Total vote: 74,479; Rejected ballots: 95; Valid postal votes: 15,858

Islington North

[E] Labour hold

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn †Labour40,08672.98%
James Tovey ClarkConservative6,87112.51%
Keith AngusLiberal Democrat4,9469.00%
Caroline RussellGreen Party2,2294.06%
Keith Graham FraserUKIP4130.75%
Michael Adam FosterIndependent2080.38%
Knigel KnappLoony1060.19%
Susanne Cameron-BlackieIndependent410.07%
Bill MartinSocialist Party210.04%
Andres MendozaCommunist League70.01%

Electorate: 74,831; Turnout: 73.40%; Majority: 33,215 (60.47%)
Total vote: 54,928; Rejected ballots: 122; Valid postal votes: 9,847

Islington South & Finsbury

[E] Labour hold

Emily Thornberry †Labour30,18862.83%
Jason Theo George CharalambousConservative9,92520.66%
Alain Cyril Matthew DesmierLiberal Democrat5,80912.09%
Bernail HamdacheGreen Party1,1982.49%
Pete MuswellUKIP9291.93%

Electorate: 69,547; Turnout: 69.09%; Majority: 20,263 (42.17%)
Total vote: 48,049; Rejected ballots: 147; Valid postal votes: 9,497


[W] Labour Co-op hold

Chris Evans †Labour21,23858.84%
Dan ThomasConservative9,82627.22%
Darren JonesPlaid Cymru2,7397.59%
Joe SmythUKIP1,6054.45%
Matthew KidnerLiberal Democrat6851.90%

Electorate: 56,256; Turnout: 64.16%; Majority: 11,412 (31.62%)
Total vote: 36,093; Rejected ballots: 78; Valid postal votes: 7,730


[E] Labour hold

Stephen Hepburn †Labour28,02065.13%
Robin GwynnConservative10,75725.00%
James Lee AskwithUKIP2,3385.43%
Peter James MaughanLiberal Democrat1,1632.70%
David HerbertGreen Party7451.73%

Electorate: 64,778; Turnout: 66.42%; Majority: 17,263 (40.13%)
Total vote: 43,023; Rejected ballots: 77; Valid postal votes: 17,251


[E] Labour gain from Conservative

John Timothy GroganLabour24,05646.52%
Kristan Frederick Hopkins †Conservative23,81746.06%
Paul John LathamUKIP1,2912.50%
Matthew James WalkerLiberal Democrat1,2262.37%
Rosalind Margaret BrownGreen Party7901.53%
David William CrabtreeIndependent5341.03%

Electorate: 71,429; Turnout: 72.40%; Majority: 239 (0.46%)
Total vote: 51,714; Rejected ballots: 91; Valid postal votes: 13,249

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