UK General Election results June 2017

8th June 2017
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets. MPs in the previous Parliament are marked †.

Elmet & Rothwell — Faversham & Kent MidFeltham & Heston — Gedling
Elmet & Rothwell

[E] Conservative hold

Alec Shelbrooke †Conservative32,35254.33%
David Patrick NagleLabour22,54737.87%
Stewart GoltonLiberal Democrat2,6064.38%
Matthew Barnaby CloverYorkshire Party1,0421.75%
Dylan BrownGreen Party9951.67%

Electorate: 80,291; Turnout: 74.16%; Majority: 9,805 (16.47%)
Total vote: 59,542; Rejected ballots: 134; Valid postal votes: 14,960


[E] Labour hold

Clive Stanley Efford †Labour25,12854.44%
Matt HartleyConservative18,83240.80%
David Nicolas John Hall-MatthewsLiberal Democrat1,4573.16%
John James ClarkeBNP7381.60%

Electorate: 64,474; Turnout: 71.59%; Majority: 6,296 (13.64%)
Total vote: 46,155; Rejected ballots: 150; Valid postal votes: 8,683

Enfield North

[E] Labour hold

Joan Marie Ryan †Labour28,17758.02%
Nick De BoisConservative17,93036.92%
Nicholas Da CostaLiberal Democrat1,0362.13%
Deborah CairnsUKIP8481.75%
Bill LintonGreen Party5741.18%

Electorate: 68,452; Turnout: 70.95%; Majority: 10,247 (21.10%)
Total vote: 48,565; Rejected ballots: 125; Valid postal votes: 8,136

Enfield Southgate

[E] Labour gain from Conservative

Bambos CharalambousLabour24,98951.71%
David William Burrowes †Conservative20,63442.70%
Pippa MorganLiberal Democrat1,9253.98%
David Christopher FlintGreen Party7801.61%

Electorate: 65,134; Turnout: 74.20%; Majority: 4,355 (9.01%)
Total vote: 48,328; Rejected ballots: 158; Valid postal votes: 8,199

Epping Forest

[E] Conservative hold

Eleanor Fulton Laing †Conservative31,46261.96%
Liam Benjamin PrestonLabour13,21926.03%
Jonathan Matthew WhitehouseLiberal Democrat2,8845.68%
Patrick James O'FlynnUKIP1,8713.68%
Simon Alexander HeapGreen Party1,2332.43%
Thomas Bartholomew HallYoung People's Party1100.22%

Electorate: 74,737; Turnout: 67.94%; Majority: 18,243 (35.93%)
Total vote: 50,779; Rejected ballots: 130; Valid postal votes: 7,662

Epsom & Ewell

[E] Conservative hold

Christopher Stephen Grayling †Conservative35,31359.58%
Edward Owen MayneLabour14,83825.04%
Stephen Mark GeeLiberal Democrat7,40112.49%
Janice BakerGreen Party1,7142.89%

Electorate: 80,029; Turnout: 74.06%; Majority: 20,475 (34.55%)
Total vote: 59,266; Rejected ballots: 202; Valid postal votes: 12,098


[E] Conservative hold

Maggie Throup †Conservative25,93952.11%
Catherine AtkinsonLabour21,40543.00%
Martin Charles GarnettLiberal Democrat1,2432.50%
Ralph Timothy HieronsGreen Party6751.36%
Roy DunnIndependent5191.04%

Electorate: 72,995; Turnout: 68.20%; Majority: 4,534 (9.11%)
Total vote: 49,781; Rejected ballots: 86; Valid postal votes: 12,478

Erith & Thamesmead

[E] Labour hold

Teresa Pearce †Labour25,58557.54%
Edward Donald Andrew BaxterConservative15,57135.02%
Ronie Devere JohnsonUKIP1,7283.89%
Simon Ian WaddingtonLiberal Democrat7501.69%
Claudine LetsaeGreen Party5071.14%
Temitope OloduChristian Peoples Alliance2430.55%
Doro OddiriIndependent800.18%

Electorate: 69,724; Turnout: 63.77%; Majority: 10,014 (22.52%)
Total vote: 44,464; Rejected ballots: 79; Valid postal votes: 8,092

Esher & Walton

[E] Conservative hold

Dominic Rennie Raab †Conservative35,07158.61%
Lana Victoria HylandsLabour11,77319.67%
Andrew DavisLiberal Democrat10,37417.34%
Olivia Joy PalmerGreen Party1,0741.79%
David William IonsUKIP1,0341.73%
Baron BadgerLoony3180.53%
Della ReynoldsIndependent1980.33%

Electorate: 80,938; Turnout: 74.00%; Majority: 23,298 (38.93%)
Total vote: 59,842; Rejected ballots: 52; Valid postal votes: 13,706


[E] Labour hold

Benjamin Peter James Bradshaw †Labour34,33661.95%
James TaghdissianConservative18,21932.87%
Alexandra Vanessa NewcombeLiberal Democrat1,5622.82%
Joseph Jacques LevyGreen Party1,0271.85%
Jonathan Haddin WestIndependent2120.38%
Jonathan Edward BishopIndependent670.12%

Electorate: 77,330; Turnout: 71.66%; Majority: 16,117 (29.08%)
Total vote: 55,423; Rejected ballots: 131; Valid postal votes: 12,538


[S] SNP hold

Johnny McNally †SNP20,95238.94%
Craig MartinLabour16,02929.79%
Callum LaidlawConservative14,08826.18%
Austin ReidLiberal Democrat1,1202.08%
Debra Ann PickeringGreen Party9081.69%
Stuart MartinUKIP7121.32%

Electorate: 82,240; Turnout: 65.50%; Majority: 4,923 (9.15%)
Total vote: 53,809; Rejected ballots: 58; Valid postal votes: 9,609


[E] Conservative hold

Suella Fernandes †Conservative35,91562.99%
Matthew James RandallLabour14,36025.19%
Matthew Ray WinningtonLiberal Democrat3,8966.83%
Tony BlewettUKIP1,5412.70%
Miles GrindeyGreen Party1,3022.28%

Electorate: 78,837; Turnout: 72.32%; Majority: 21,555 (37.81%)
Total vote: 57,014; Rejected ballots: 124; Valid postal votes: 11,814

Faversham & Mid Kent

[E] Conservative hold

Helen Olivia Bicknell Whately †Conservative30,39061.09%
Michael Barry DesmondLabour12,97726.08%
David Sandru NaghiLiberal Democrat3,2496.53%
Mark John McGiffinUKIP1,7023.42%
Alastair Brian GouldGreen Party1,4312.88%

Electorate: 72,205; Turnout: 68.90%; Majority: 17,413 (35.00%)
Total vote: 49,749; Rejected ballots: 77; Valid postal votes: 10,911

Feltham & Heston

[E] Labour Co-op hold

Seema Malhotra-Saluja †Labour32,46261.22%
Samir JassalConservative16,85931.79%
John Stuart AgnewUKIP1,5102.85%
Hina MalikLiberal Democrat1,3872.62%
John Anthony FirkinsGreen Party8091.53%

Electorate: 81,714; Turnout: 64.89%; Majority: 15,603 (29.42%)
Total vote: 53,027; Rejected ballots: 111; Valid postal votes: 10,264

Fermanagh & South Tyrone

[N] Sinn Féin gain from UUP

Michelle GildernewSinn Féin25,23047.18%
Tom Elliott †UUP24,35545.54%
Mary GarritySDLP2,5874.84%
Noreen CampbellAlliance Party8861.66%
Tanya JonesGreen Party4230.79%

Electorate: 70,601; Turnout: 75.76%; Majority: 875 (1.64%)
Total vote: 53,481; Rejected ballots: 226; Valid postal votes: 2,537

Fife North East

[S] SNP hold

Stephen Patrick Gethins †SNP13,74332.86%
Janet Elizabeth RichesLiberal Democrat13,74132.86%
Tony MiklinskiConservative10,08824.12%
Rosalind Erica GartonLabour4,0269.63%
Mike Scott-HaywardInd Sovereign Democratic Britain2240.54%

Electorate: 58,685; Turnout: 71.27%; Majority: 2 (0.005%)
Total vote: 41,822; Rejected ballots: 26; Valid postal votes: 10,533

Filton & Bradley Stoke

[E] Conservative hold

Jack Lopresti †Conservative25,33949.98%
Naomi RylattLabour21,14941.71%
Eva FieldingLiberal Democrat3,0526.02%
Diana Lewen WarnerGreen Party1,1622.29%

Electorate: 72,483; Turnout: 69.95%; Majority: 4,190 (8.26%)
Total vote: 50,702; Rejected ballots: 164; Valid postal votes: 11,995

Finchley & Golders Green

[E] Conservative hold

Mike Freer †Conservative24,59946.96%
Jeremy NewmarkLabour22,94243.79%
Jonathan DaviesLiberal Democrat3,4636.61%
Adele WardGreen Party9191.75%
Andrew PriceUKIP4620.88%

Electorate: 73,151; Turnout: 71.61%; Majority: 1,657 (3.16%)
Total vote: 52,385; Rejected ballots: 159; Valid postal votes: 12,288

Folkestone & Hythe

[E] Conservative hold

Damian Collins †Conservative32,19754.69%
Laura Frances DavisonLabour16,78628.51%
Lynne BeaumontLiberal Democrat4,2227.17%
Stephen PriestleyUKIP2,5654.36%
Martin Edward WhybrowGreen Party2,4984.24%
David PlumsteadIndependent4930.84%
Naomi May SladeIndependent1140.19%

Electorate: 86,272; Turnout: 68.24%; Majority: 15,411 (26.18%)
Total vote: 58,875; Rejected ballots: 97; Valid postal votes: 14,821

Forest of Dean

[E] Conservative hold

Mark Harper †Conservative28,09654.27%
Shaun StammersLabour18,59435.92%
Janet Katherine Olive EllardLiberal Democrat2,0293.92%
James Carwithen GreenwoodGreen Party1,2412.46%
Ernie WarrenderUKIP1,2372.40%
Julian Marcus BurrettIndependent5701.10%

Electorate: 70,898; Turnout: 71.27%; Majority: 9,502 (18.36%)
Total vote: 51,767; Rejected ballots: 81; Valid postal votes: 11,320


[N] Sinn Féin gain from SDLP

Elisha MacCallionSinn Féin18,25639.72%
Mark Durkan †SDLP18,08739.35%
Gary MiddletonDUP7,39816.09%
Shaun HarkinPeople Before Profit Alliance1,3773.00%
John DohertyAlliance Party8471.84%

Electorate: 70,324; Turnout: 65.35%; Majority: 169 (0.37%)
Total vote: 45,965; Rejected ballots: 177; Valid postal votes: 1,200


[E] Conservative hold

Mark Andrew Menzies †Conservative27,33458.82%
Jerrod William SullivanLabour15,52933.42%
Frederick Isaac Van MierloLiberal Democrat2,3415.04%
Tina Louise RotheryGreen Party1,2632.72%

Electorate: 65,937; Turnout: 70.47%; Majority: 11,805 (25.41%)
Total vote: 46,467; Rejected ballots: 127; Valid postal votes: 13,002


[E] Conservative hold

Edward Julian Edgar Leigh †Conservative31,79061.82%
Catherine TiteLabour14,76728.72%
Lesley Anne RollingsLiberal Democrat3,6307.06%
Victoria Elizabeth Jayne PearsonGreen Party1,2382.41%

Electorate: 75,893; Turnout: 75.67%; Majority: 17,023 (33.10%)
Total vote: 51,425; Rejected ballots: 150; Valid postal votes: 10,724

Garston & Halewood

[E] Labour hold

Maria Eagle †Labour41,59977.72%
Adam Ernest MarsdenConservative9,45017.66%
Anna Clare MartinLiberal Democrat1,7233.22%
Lawrence BrownGreen Party7501.40%

Electorate: 75,248; Turnout: 71.13%; Majority: 32,149 (60.07%)
Total vote: 53,522; Rejected ballots: 143; Valid postal votes: 10,066


[E] Labour hold

James Ian Mearns †Labour27,42665.14%
Lauren Anne HankinsonConservative10,07623.93%
Mark Ronald BellUKIP2,2815.42%
Frank HindleLiberal Democrat1,7094.06%
Andrew James RedfernGreen Party6111.45%

Electorate: 65,186; Turnout: 64.59%; Majority: 17,350 (41.21%)
Total vote: 42,103; Rejected ballots: 71; Valid postal votes: 15,869


[E] Labour hold

Vernon Coaker †Labour26,83351.92%
Carolyn AbbottConservative22,13942.84%
Lee WatersUKIP1,1432.21%
Robert Andrew SwiftLiberal Democrat1,0522.04%
Rebecca ConnickGreen Party5151.00%

Electorate: 71,223; Turnout: 72.56%; Majority: 4,694 (9.08%)
Total vote: 51,682; Rejected ballots: 83; Valid postal votes: 12,125

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