UK General Election results June 2017

8th June 2017
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets. MPs in the previous Parliament are marked †.

Bootle — Brent NorthBrentford & Isleworth — Bromley & Chislehurst

[E] Labour hold

Peter Dowd †Labour42,25984.03%
Charles Grant FifieldConservative6,05912.05%
David Ian NewmanLiberal Democrat8371.66%
Alison Moira GibbonGreen Party7091.41%
Kim BryanSocialist Labour Party4240.84%

Electorate: 72,872; Turnout: 69.01%; Majority: 36,200 (71.99%)
Total vote: 50,288; Rejected ballots: 163; Valid postal votes: 7,837

Boston & Skegness

[E] Conservative hold

Matthew Robert Warman †Conservative27,27163.60%
Paul Robert KennyLabour10,69924.95%
Paul Andrew NuttallUKIP3,3087.71%
Philip SmithLiberal Democrat7711.80%
Vicky Patricia PercivalGreen Party5471.28%
Michael William GilbertBlue Revolution2830.66%

Electorate: 68,402; Turnout: 62.69%; Majority: 16,572 (38.65%)
Total vote: 42,879; Rejected ballots: 62; Valid postal votes: 9,897


[E] Conservative hold

David Arthur Stephen Tredinnick †Conservative31,86456.73%
Christopher J KealeyLabour13,51324.06%
Michael Timothy MullaneyLiberal Democrat9,74417.35%
Michael Roy GreggGreen Party1,0471.86%

Electorate: 80,623; Turnout: 69.67%; Majority: 18,351 (32.67%)
Total vote: 56,168; Rejected ballots: 155; Valid postal votes: 12,581

Bournemouth East

[E] Conservative hold

Tobias Martin Ellwood †Conservative25,22151.88%
Mel SempleLabour17,28435.55%
Jon Martin NicholasLiberal Democrat3,1686.52%
David HughesUKIP1,4052.89%
Alasdair KeddieGreen Party1,2362.54%
Kieron Edward WilsonIndependent3040.63%

Electorate: 74,591; Turnout: 65.18%; Majority: 7,937 (16.33%)
Total vote: 48,618; Rejected ballots: 115; Valid postal votes: 8,689

Bournemouth West

[E] Conservative hold

Conor Burns †Conservative23,81253.50%
David StokesLabour16,10136.18%
Phil DunnLiberal Democrat2,9296.58%
Simon Richard George BullGreen Party1,2472.80%
Jason HalseyPirate Party4180.94%

Electorate: 73,195; Turnout: 60.81%; Majority: 7,711 (17.33%)
Total vote: 44,507; Rejected ballots: 147; Valid postal votes: 8,313


[E] Conservative hold

Phillip James Lee †Conservative32,88258.83%
Paul Steven BidwellLabour16,86630.18%
Patrick Robert SmithLiberal Democrat4,1867.49%
Len AmosUKIP1,5212.72%
Olivio BarretoIndependent4370.78%

Electorate: 79,199; Turnout: 70.57%; Majority: 16,016 (28.66%)
Total vote: 55,892; Rejected ballots: 146; Valid postal votes: 12,075

Bradford East

[E] Labour hold

Imran Hussain †Labour29,83165.39%
Mark Russell TraffordConservative9,29120.37%
David WardIndependent3,5767.84%
Jonathan Daniel Stewart BarrasUKIP1,3723.01%
Mark George JewellLiberal Democrat8431.85%
Paul Graeme ParkinsBetter for Bradford4200.92%
Andrew John StanfordGreen Party2890.63%

Electorate: 70,389; Turnout: 64.81%; Majority: 20,540 (45.02%)
Total vote: 45,622; Rejected ballots: 78; Valid postal votes: 10,059

Bradford South

[E] Labour hold

Judith Mary Cummins †Labour22,36454.48%
Tanya Ilsa GrahamConservative15,66438.16%
Stephen Anthony PlaceUKIP1,7584.28%
Stuart David ThomasLiberal Democrat5161.26%
Therese HirstEnglish Democrats3770.92%
Darren James ParkinsonGreen Party3700.90%

Electorate: 67,752; Turnout: 60.59%; Majority: 6,700 (16.32%)
Total vote: 41,049; Rejected ballots: 62; Valid postal votes: 8,212

Bradford West

[E] Labour hold

Naseem Akhtar Shah †Labour29,44464.67%
George Peter Beaumont GrantConservative7,54216.57%
Salma YaqoobIndependent6,34513.94%
Derrick John HodgsonUKIP8851.94%
Alun Owen GriffithsLiberal Democrat7121.56%
Celia Ruth HicksonGreen Party4811.06%
Khadim HussainIndependent650.14%
Muhammad HijaziIndependent540.12%

Electorate: 67,568; Turnout: 67.38%; Majority: 21,902 (48.11%)
Total vote: 45,528; Rejected ballots: 221; Valid postal votes: 9,096


[E] Conservative hold

James Spencer Cleverly †Conservative32,87362.82%
Malcolm John FinckenLabour14,45127.62%
Peter John Russell TurnerLiberal Democrat2,2514.30%
Richard Audubon BingleyUKIP1,8353.51%
Thomas James PashbyGreen Party9161.75%

Electorate: 75,316; Turnout: 69.48%; Majority: 18,422 (35.21%)
Total vote: 52,326; Rejected ballots: 74; Valid postal votes: 11,037

Brecon & Radnorshire

[W] Conservative hold

Chris Davies †Conservative20,08148.58%
James Gibson-WattLiberal Democrat12,04329.14%
Dan LodgeLabour7,33517.75%
Kate HeneghanPlaid Cymru1,2993.14%
Peter GilbertUKIP5761.39%

Electorate: 56,010; Turnout: 73.80%; Majority: 8,038 (19.45%)
Total vote: 41,334; Rejected ballots: 63; Valid postal votes: 8,800

Brent Central

[E] Labour hold

Dawn Petula Butler †Labour38,20873.06%
Vikrant Rahoul BhansaliConservative10,21119.53%
Anton GeorgiouLiberal Democrat2,5194.82%
Shaka HendersonGreen Party8021.53%
Janice Marion April NorthUKIP5561.06%

Electorate: 80,499; Turnout: 65.00%; Majority: 27,997 (53.54%)
Total vote: 52,296; Rejected ballots: 199; Valid postal votes: 7,111

Brent North

[E] Labour hold

Barry Strachan Gardiner †Labour35,49662.89%
Ameet JogiaConservative18,43532.66%
Paul LorberLiberal Democrat1,6142.86%
Michaela Mary Constance LichtenGreen Party6601.17%
Elcena JeffersIndependent2390.42%

Electorate: 82,567; Turnout: 68.37%; Majority: 17,061 (30.23%)
Total vote: 56,444; Rejected ballots: 203; Valid postal votes: 9,173

Brentford & Isleworth

[E] Labour hold

Ruth Margaret Cadbury †Labour35,36457.38%
Mary MacleodConservative23,18237.62%
Joseph Gerald BourkeLiberal Democrat3,0835.00%

Electorate: 85,164; Turnout: 72.37%; Majority: 12,182 (19.77%)
Total vote: 61,629; Rejected ballots: 156; Valid postal votes: 11,913

Brentwood & Ongar

[E] Conservative hold

Michael Alex BurghartConservative34,81165.79%
Gareth Paul BarrettLabour10,80920.43%
Karen Louise ChilversLiberal Democrat4,4268.37%
Michael Jack McGoughUKIP1,8453.49%
Paul Francis JeaterGreen Party9151.73%
Louca Antony KousoulouIndependent1040.20%

Electorate: 75,067; Turnout: 70.48%; Majority: 24,002 (45.36%)
Total vote: 52,910; Rejected ballots: 107; Valid postal votes: 8,827


[W] Labour hold

Madeleine Moon †Labour21,91350.66%
Karen RobsonConservative17,21339.79%
Rhys David WatkinsPlaid Cymru1,7834.12%
Jonathan Edward PrattLiberal Democrat9192.12%
Alun WilliamsUKIP7811.81%
Isabel Rose RobsonIndependent6461.49%

Electorate: 62,185; Turnout: 69.65%; Majority: 4,700 (10.87%)
Total vote: 43,255; Rejected ballots: 55; Valid postal votes: 10,572

Bridgwater & West Somerset

[E] Conservative hold

Ian Liddell-Grainger †Conservative32,11155.11%
Wesley John HinckesLabour16,66328.60%
Marcus KravisLiberal Democrat6,33210.87%
Simon SmedleyUKIP2,1023.61%
Kayleigh PowellGreen Party1,0591.82%

Electorate: 83,913; Turnout: 69.41%; Majority: 15,448 (26.51%)
Total vote: 58,267; Rejected ballots: 130; Valid postal votes: 11,174

Brigg & Goole

[E] Conservative hold

Andrew Theakstone Percy †Conservative27,21960.41%
Terence Alexander Henry SmithLabour14,85632.97%
David Michael JeffreysUKIP1,5963.54%
Jerry LonsdaleLiberal Democrat8361.86%
Isabel Monteiro dos Santos PiresGreen Party5501.22%

Electorate: 66,069; Turnout: 68.20%; Majority: 12,363 (27.44%)
Total vote: 45,057; Rejected ballots: 60; Valid postal votes: 11,377

Brighton Kemptown

[E] Labour Co-op gain from Conservative

Lloyd Russell-MoyleLabour28,70358.33%
Simon Kirby †Conservative18,83538.28%
Emily Louise TesterLiberal Democrat1,4572.96%
Doktor HazeIndependent2120.43%

Electorate: 67,893; Turnout: 72.48%; Majority: 9,868 (20.05%)
Total vote: 49,207; Rejected ballots: 154; Valid postal votes: 11,265

Brighton Pavilion

[E] Green hold

Caroline Lucas †Green Party30,14952.26%
Solomon CurtisLabour15,45026.78%
Emma WarmanConservative11,08219.21%
Ian Verdun BuchananUKIP6301.09%
Nick YeomansIndependent3760.65%

Electorate: 75,486; Turnout: 76.42%; Majority: 14,699 (25.48%)
Total vote: 57,687; Rejected ballots: 154; Valid postal votes: 11,365

Bristol East

[E] Labour hold

Kerry Gillian McCarthy †Labour30,84760.72%
Theo ClarkeConservative17,45334.36%
Chris LucasLiberal Democrat1,3892.73%
Lorraine Antoinette FrancisGreen Party1,1102.19%

Electorate: 72,415; Turnout: 70.15%; Majority: 13,394 (26.37%)
Total vote: 50,799; Rejected ballots: 133; Valid postal votes: 10,478

Bristol North West

[E] Labour gain from Conservative

Darren Paul JonesLabour27,40050.65%
Charlotte Ann Leslie †Conservative22,63941.85%
Celia Mary DownieLiberal Democrat2,8145.20%
Sharmila Elizabeth BousaGreen Party1,2432.30%

Electorate: 75,434; Turnout: 71.71%; Majority: 4,761 (8.80%)
Total vote: 54,096; Rejected ballots: 132; Valid postal votes: 13,387

Bristol South

[E] Labour hold

Karin Marguerite Smyth †Labour32,66660.07%
Mark David Roscoe WestonConservative16,67930.67%
Benjamin Michael James NutlandLiberal Democrat1,8213.35%
Ian Edmund KealeyUKIP1,6723.07%
Tony DyerGreen Party1,4282.63%
John LangleyIndependent1160.21%

Electorate: 83,012; Turnout: 65.52%; Majority: 15,987 (29.40%)
Total vote: 54,382; Rejected ballots: 112; Valid postal votes: 11,409

Bristol West

[E] Labour hold

Thangam Elizabeth Rachel Debbonaire †Labour47,21365.93%
Annabel Emma Elizabeth TallConservative9,87713.79%
Molly Scott CatoGreen Party9,21612.87%
Stephen Roy WilliamsLiberal Democrat5,2017.26%
Jodian RodgersMoney Free Party1010.14%

Electorate: 93,003; Turnout: 77.00%; Majority: 37,336 (52.14%)
Total vote: 71,608; Rejected ballots: 174; Valid postal votes: 12,513


[E] Conservative hold

Keith Robert Simpson †Conservative32,40657.90%
Iain Edward SimpsonLabour16,59029.64%
Steve RileyLiberal Democrat4,4497.95%
David John MorelandUKIP1,5942.85%
Andrew Phillip BoswellGreen Party9321.67%

Electorate: 77,334; Turnout: 72.38%; Majority: 15,816 (28.26%)
Total vote: 55,971; Rejected ballots: 104; Valid postal votes: 10,692

Bromley & Chislehurst

[E] Conservative hold

Robert James MacGillivray Neill †Conservative25,17553.95%
Sara HydeLabour15,58533.40%
Sam Dunning WebberLiberal Democrat3,3697.22%
Emmett JennerUKIP1,3832.96%
Roisin Therese Siobhan RobertsonGreen Party1,1502.46%

Electorate: 65,117; Turnout: 71.66%; Majority: 9,590 (20.55%)
Total vote: 46,662; Rejected ballots: 119; Valid postal votes: 9,510

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