UK General Election 2005
University constituencies

Seats with significant university connections

in order of percentage majority at the 2001 election

§ Indicates the sitting MP is not standing for re-election

ConstituencyMajMaj as
% of
Total Vote
Maj as
% of
Antrim East 128 0.36 0.21UUDem U59.129.48% to DUP from UUP
14 Lancaster & Wyre § 481 0.92 0.61LabCons65.880.6% to Con from Lab
15 Guildford 538 1.12 0.71LibDemCons62.704.8% to LibDem from Con
32 Welwyn Hatfield 1196 2.79 1.78LabCons63.913.9% to Con from Lab
42 Selby 2138 4.25 2.76LabCons64.961.3% to Con from Lab
45 Edinburgh Pentlands § 1742 4.47 2.88LabCons64.373.1% to Con from Lab
48 Canterbury 2069 4.58 2.79ConsLab60.871.4% to Lab from Con
52 Londonderry East 1901 4.77 3.16Dem UUU66.217.4% to DUP from UUP
68 Enfield North 2291 6.01 3.41LabCons56.764.2% to Con from Lab
70 Uxbridge 2098 6.28 3.61ConsLab57.552.2% to Con from Lab
91 Scarborough & Whitby 3585 7.54 4.77LabCons63.180.9% to Con from Lab
100 Gloucester 3880 8.05 4.78LabCons59.383.1% to Con from Lab
101 Putney 2771 8.09 4.57LabCons56.480.6% to Lab from Con
103 Western Isles 1074 8.16 4.95LabSNP60.627.0% to SNP from Lab
109 Wolverhampton South West 3487 8.53 5.29LabCons62.051.0% to Con from Lab
147 Lichfield 442610.62 7.00ConsLab65.915.1% to Con from Lab
151 Bradford West 416510.85 5.82LabCons53.581.2% to Lab from Con
156 Inverness East Nairn & Lochaber 471611.11 7.10LabSNP63.903.1% to Lab from SNP
166 Stafford 503211.34 7.41LabCons65.311.5% to Lab from Con
167 Ceredigion 394411.40 7.03Plaid CLibDem61.666.9% to LibDem from PC
183 Birmingham Edgbaston 469812.45 6.97LabCons56.001.2% to Lab from Con
186 Cheltenham § 525512.56 7.78LibDemCons61.920.4% to Con from LibDem
192 Reading East § 558812.81 7.49LabCons58.442.6% to Lab from Con
202 Enfield Southgate 554613.23 8.41LabCons63.545.1% to Lab from Con
203 Cities of London & Westminster 449913.24 6.25ConsLab47.230.5% to Con from Lab
218 Belfast South § 539914.23 9.08UUSDLP63.851.3% to UUP from SDLP
224 Loughborough 637814.41 9.10LabCons63.151.8% to Lab from Con
235 Ochil § 534915.15 9.29LabSNP61.342.3% to Lab from SNP
236 Bedford 615715.17 9.09LabCons59.880.9% to Con from Lab
245 Portsmouth South 609415.54 7.90LibDemCons50.873.6% to LibDem from Con
246 Belfast North 638715.6010.48Dem USF67.170.0%
250 Derby North 698215.85 9.16LabCons57.781.5% to Con from Lab
252 Essex North 718615.9910.04ConsLab62.772.6% to Con from Lab
268 Mid Bedfordshire 806617.2911.39ConsLab65.881.9% to Con from Lab
282 Oxford West & Abingdon 918517.8111.49LibDemCons64.533.8% to LibDem from Con
286 Conwy 621918.1011.38LabCons62.903.7% to Lab from Con
289 Hendon 741718.16 9.48LabCons52.232.9% to Lab from Con
291 Poole 716618.2711.09ConsLab60.691.1% to Lab from Con
307 Plymouth Sutton 751719.2410.98LabCons57.090.3% to Con from Lab
315 Runnymede & Weybridge 836019.7011.06ConsLab56.140.3% to Con from Lab
320 Cambridge 857920.0312.14LabLibDem60.628.6% to LibDem from Lab
331 Coventry South 827920.6511.41LabCons55.250.6% to Con from Lab
333 Norwich South 881620.7012.37LabCons59.763.7% to Con from Lab
347 Bath 989421.3713.86LibDemCons64.872.0% to LibDem from Con
361 Exeter 1175922.3514.35LabCons64.211.7% to Lab from Con
366 Lincoln 842022.6812.70LabCons56.000.6% to Con from Lab
372 Dundee West 680023.2512.65LabSNP54.393.7% to SNP from Lab
375 Birmingham Perry Barr 875323.3912.31LabCons52.619.0% to Con from Lab
377 Foyle § 1155023.6316.28SDLPSF68.902.5% to SF from SDLP
379 Brighton Pavilion 964323.6813.86LabCons58.541.6% to Con from Lab
380 Edinburgh Central 814223.6812.32LabLibDem52.045.2% to LibDem from Lab
381 Bristol North West 1108723.7414.42LabCons60.721.4% to Lab from Con
390 Sheffield Hallam § 934724.4415.85LibDemCons64.843.1% to LibDem from Con
396 Aberdeen Central 664625.1513.24LabSNP52.664.2% to SNP from Lab
405 Luton South 1013325.7514.18LabCons55.081.2% to Lab from Con
407 Islington South & Finsbury § 728025.8112.23LabLibDem47.397.7% to LibDem from Lab
409 Newcastle-under-Lyme 998625.8215.19LabCons58.834.6% to Con from Lab
411 Oxford East 1034425.9614.50LabLibDem55.848.1% to LibDem from Lab
420 Southwark North & Bermondsey 963226.1313.10LibDemLab50.138.9% to LibDem from Lab
421 Bethnal Green & Bow 1005726.1413.14LabCons50.250.5% to Lab from Con
435 Southampton Test 1120726.9615.18LabCons56.300.5% to Lab from Con
437 Glasgow Kelvin 726027.0911.80LabLibDem43.564.9% to LibDem from Lab
441 Nottingham South 998927.2913.67LabCons50.110.2% to Con from Lab
449 Fife North East 973628.0615.73LibDemCons56.051.7% to LibDem from Con
454 Huddersfield 1004628.3915.61LabCons54.993.6% to Con from Lab
466 Ealing Southall 1368329.2216.61LabCons56.855.0% to Con from Lab
468 Buckingham 1332529.4320.42ConsLab69.362.2% to Con from Lab
470 Swansea West 955029.7516.61LabCons55.833.0% to Con from Lab
487 Leicester South 1324331.4218.22LabCons57.991.4% to Con from Lab
490 Newport East § 987431.5617.26LabCons54.672.4% to Con from Lab
494 Kingston & Surbiton 1567631.9321.57LibDemCons67.5415.9% to LibDem from Con
495 Slough 1250832.0717.13LabCons53.422.3% to Lab from Con
499 City of Durham § 1344132.4019.31LabLibDem59.607.8% to LibDem from Lab
508 Cardiff West 1132133.2219.40LabCons58.412.8% to Con from Lab
509 Newcastle upon Tyne Central 1160533.2817.07LabLibDem51.305.5% to LibDem from Lab
516 Preston 1226834.0416.73LabCons49.162.4% to Con from Lab
521 Cardiff South and Penarth 1228734.3719.62LabCons57.090.8% to Lab from Con
535 Holborn & St Pancras 1117535.9017.82LabLibDem49.638.3% to LibDem from Lab
545 Kingston-upon-Hull North § 1072137.4417.03LabLibDem45.496.9% to LibDem from Lab
546 Bolton South East 1287137.6918.89LabCons50.125.8% to Con from Lab
549 Barking 953437.9417.26LabCons45.495.1% to Con from Lab
559 Paisley South 1191039.0022.32LabSNP57.242.5% to Lab from SNP
570 Greenwich & Woolwich 1343341.2922.35LabCons54.121.8% to Con from Lab
577 Sheffield Central 1254441.7220.64LabLibDem49.482.3% to LibDem from Lab
578 Stoke-on-Trent Central 1184541.8619.82LabCons47.363.8% to Con from Lab
586 Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend 1422343.5023.13LabLibDem53.178.5% to LibDem from Lab
599 Sunderland North 1335444.7821.95LabCons49.013.4% to Con from Lab
604 Pontypridd 1768446.1624.64LabPlaid C53.385.6% to PC from Lab
618 Middlesbrough 1633048.4324.13LabCons49.832.9% to Con from Lab
621 Salford 1101248.9120.34LabLibDem41.584.9% to LibDem from Lab
634 Lewisham Deptford 1529352.5425.37LabCons48.291.8% to Con from Lab
636 Leeds Central 1438152.6721.96LabCons41.691.6% to Con from Lab
637 Manchester Central 1374253.0020.74LabLibDem39.132.8% to LibDem from Lab
640 West Ham §1564553.4526.15LabCons48.932.2% to Con from Lab
645 Liverpool Riverside 1395054.7018.64LabLibDem34.081.2% to LibDem from Lab
649 East Ham 2103256.4229.52LabCons52.314.0% to Lab from Con
651 Birmingham Ladywood  1814357.6125.51LabCons44.291.6% to Con from Lab

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British General Election 2005: University constituencies

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