UK General Election results May 2005

5th May 2005
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Worcester — The WrekinWrexham — Yorkshire East
[E] Labour hold
Foster M.J.*Labour19,42141.87%
Harper M.M. Ms.Conservative16,27735.09%
Dhonau M. Ms.LibDem7,55716.29%
Chamings R.J.UKIP1,1132.40%
Roberts M.D.BNP9802.11%
Lennard C.J.Green9211.99%
Dowson P.C. Ms.Ind1190.26%

Electorate: 71,993; Turnout: 64.43%;
Majority: 3,144 (6.78%)

Worcestershire Mid
[E] Conservative hold
Luff P.J.*Conservative24,78351.50%
Gregson M.J.Labour11,45623.80%
Rowley A.M. Ms.LibDem9,79620.35%
Eaves A.E.UKIP2,0924.35%

Electorate: 71,525; Turnout: 67.29%;
Majority: 13,327 (27.69%)

Worcestershire West
[E] Conservative hold
Spicer W.M.H.*Conservative20,95944.52%
Wells T.A.L.LibDem18,48439.26%
Bhatti Q.R.Labour4,94510.50%
Bovey C. Ms.UKIP1,5903.38%
Victory M.G.Green1,0992.33%

Electorate: 66,408; Turnout: 70.89%;
Majority: 2,475 (5.26%)

[E] Labour hold
Cunningham T.A.*Labour19,55450.48%
Pattinson J.L. Ms.Conservative11,65930.10%
Clarkson K. Ms.LibDem5,81515.01%
Richardson M.UKIP1,3283.43%
Peacock J.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 61,441; Turnout: 63.05%;
Majority: 7,895 (20.38%)

[E] Labour hold
Keeley B.M. Ms.Labour18,85951.04%
Evans G.T.Conservative9,49125.69%
Clayton R.M.LibDem6,90218.68%
Gill B.UKIP1,6944.59%

Electorate: 69,534; Turnout: 53.13%;
Majority: 9,368 (25.36%)

Worthing East & Shoreham
[E] Conservative hold
Loughton T.P.*Conservative19,54843.89%
Yates D.J.Labour11,36525.51%
Doyle J.E.LibDem10,84424.35%
Jelf R.B.UKIP2,1094.73%
Baldwin C.J.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 71,182; Turnout: 62.58%;
Majority: 8,183 (18.37%)

Worthing West
[E] Conservative hold
Bottomley P.J.*Conservative21,38347.62%
Potter C.J.L. Ms.LibDem12,00426.73%
Bignell A.Labour8,63019.22%
Cross T.P.UKIP2,3745.29%
Baldwin C.J.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 71,780; Turnout: 62.56%;
Majority: 9,379 (20.89%)

The Wrekin
[E] Conservative gain
Pritchard M.A.Conservative18,89941.95%
Bradley P.C.S.*Labour17,95739.86%
Tomlinson W.L.LibDem6,60814.67%
Lawson B.UKIP1,5903.53%

Electorate: 67,311; Turnout: 66.93%;
Majority: 942 (2.09%)

[W] Labour hold
Lucas I.C.*Labour13,99346.05%
Rippeth T.P.LibDem7,17423.61%
Coffey T.A. Ms.Conservative6,07920.01%
Owen S.A.Plaid Cymru1,7445.74%
Walker J.A.BNP9193.02%
Williams J. Ms.Forward Wales4761.57%

Electorate: 48,016; Turnout: 63.28%;
Majority: 6,819 (22.44%)

[E] Conservative hold
Goodman P.A.C.*Conservative20,33145.76%
Wassell J.D. Ms.Labour13,28029.89%
Oates J.B.LibDem8,78019.76%
Davis R.B.UKIP1,7353.91%
Fitton D.A.H.Ind3010.68%

Electorate: 72,868; Turnout: 60.97%;
Majority: 7,051 (15.87%)

Wyre Forest
[E] Ind Kidderminster HHC hold
Taylor R.T.*Ind Kidderminster Hospital
and Health Concern
Garnier M.R.T.Conservative13,48928.71%
Bayliss M.L.Labour10,71622.81%
Oborski F.M. Ms.Liberal2,6665.67%
Lee R. Ms.UKIP1,0742.29%
Priest M.P.Loony3030.64%

Electorate: 72,612; Turnout: 64.71%;
Majority: 5,250 (11.17%)

Wythenshawe & Sale East
[E] Labour hold
Goggins P.G.*Labour18,87852.17%
Meehan J.E.P. Ms.Conservative8,05122.25%
Firth A.P. Ms.LibDem7,76621.46%
Ford W.H.UKIP1,1203.10%
Worthington L. Ms.Socialist Alternative3691.02%

Electorate: 70,744; Turnout: 51.15%;
Majority: 10,827 (29.92%)

[E] LibDem hold
Laws D.A.*LibDem25,65851.41%
Jenkins I.F.Conservative17,09634.25%
Rolfe C.G.Labour5,25610.53%
Livings G.E.UKIP1,9033.81%

Electorate: 77,668; Turnout: 64.26%;
Majority: 8,562 (17.15%)

Ynys Mon
[W] Labour hold
Owen A.*Labour12,27834.62%
Wyn E.Plaid Cymru11,03631.12%
Rogers P.S.Ind5,21614.71%
Roach J.P.R.Conservative3,91511.04%
Green S. Ms.LibDem2,4186.82%
Gill E. Ms.UKIP3671.03%
Evans T.N.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 52,512; Turnout: 67.53%;
Majority: 1,242 (3.50%)

[E] Labour hold
Bayley H.*Labour21,83646.86%
Booth C.Conservative11,36424.39%
Waller A.M.LibDem10,16621.82%
D'Agorne A.M.Green2,1134.53%
Jackson R.UKIP8321.79%
Curran N.G.Ind1210.26%
Fleck D.M.Death Dungeons & Taxes930.20%
Hinkles A.T.Ind720.15%

Electorate: 75,526; Turnout: 61.70%;
Majority: 10,472 (22.47%)

Yorkshire East
[E] Conservative hold
Knight G.*Conservative21,21545.21%
Hoddinott E.E. Ms.Labour14,93231.82%
Wastling J.H.LibDem9,07519.34%
Tresidder C.UKIP1,7033.63%

Electorate: 76,218; Turnout: 61.57%;
Majority: 6,283 (13.39%)

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