UK General Election results May 2005

5th May 2005
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Stretford & Urmston — Swansea EastSwansea West — Tooting
Stretford & Urmston
[E] Labour hold
Hughes B.J. Ms.*Labour19,41750.96%
Hinds D.P.G.Conservative11,56630.36%
Bhatti F.A.LibDem5,32313.97%
Krantz M.B.Respect9502.49%
McManus M.J.UKIP8452.22%

Electorate: 61,303; Turnout: 62.15%;
Majority: 7,851 (20.61%)

[E] Labour hold
Drew D.E.*Labour22,52739.61%
Carmichael N.Conservative22,17738.99%
Hirst P.J.LibDem8,02614.11%
Whiteside M.J.Green3,0565.37%
Noble E.UKIP1,0891.91%

Electorate: 79,757; Turnout: 71.31%;
Majority: 350 (0.62%)

Suffolk Central & Ipswich North
[E] Conservative hold
Lord M.N.*Conservative22,33343.91%
Macdonald N.E.Labour14,47728.46%
Houseley A.M.LibDem10,70921.05%
West J.L.UKIP1,7543.45%
Wolfe M.S.Green1,5933.13%

Electorate: 75,925; Turnout: 67.00%;
Majority: 7,856 (15.44%)

Suffolk Coastal
[E] Conservative hold
Gummer J.S.*Conservative23,41544.55%
Rowe D.J.Labour13,73026.12%
Young D.A.LibDem11,63722.14%
Curtis R.J.UKIP2,0203.84%
Whitlow P.M.Green1,7553.34%

Electorate: 77,728; Turnout: 67.62%;
Majority: 9,685 (18.43%)

Suffolk South
[E] Conservative hold
Yeo T.S.K.*Conservative20,47142.03%
Pollard A.K. Ms.LibDem13,86528.47%
Craig K.Labour11,91724.47%
Carver J.J.T.UKIP2,4545.04%

Electorate: 70,237; Turnout: 69.35%;
Majority: 6,606 (13.56%)

Suffolk West
[E] Conservative hold
Spring R.J.G.*Conservative21,68249.05%
Jefferys M.J.Labour12,77328.89%
Graves A.P.LibDem7,57317.13%
Smith I.J.UKIP2,1774.92%

Electorate: 72,866; Turnout: 60.67%;
Majority: 8,909 (20.15%)

Sunderland North
[E] Labour hold
Etherington W.*Labour15,71954.37%
Daughton S.Conservative5,72419.80%
Hollern J.LibDem4,27714.79%
Herron N.Ind2,0577.11%
Hiles D. Ms.BNP1,1363.93%

Electorate: 58,146; Turnout: 49.72%;
Majority: 9,995 (34.57%)

Sunderland South
[E] Labour hold
Mullin C.J.*Labour17,98258.55%
Oliver R.G.Conservative6,92322.54%
Kane G.LibDem4,49214.63%
Guynan D.E.BNP1,1663.80%
Warner R. Ms.Loony1490.49%

Electorate: 61,632; Turnout: 49.83%;
Majority: 11,059 (36.01%)

Surrey East
[E] Conservative hold
Ainsworth P.M.*Conservative27,65956.16%
Pursehouse J.LibDem11,73823.83%
Bridge J.O.Labour7,28814.80%
Stone A.B.UKIP2,1584.38%
Matthews W.D.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 74,742; Turnout: 65.90%;
Majority: 15,921 (32.32%)

Surrey Heath
[E] Conservative hold
Gove M.A.Conservative24,64251.49%
Harper R.J. Ms.LibDem13,79728.83%
Lowe C.J.Labour7,98916.69%
Smith S.P.UKIP1,4302.99%

Electorate: 74,364; Turnout: 64.36%;
Majority: 10,845 (22.66%)

Surrey South West
[E] Conservative hold
Hunt J.Conservative26,42050.41%
Cordon S.R.LibDem20,70939.51%
Sleigh T.C.C.Labour4,1507.92%
Clark T.R.UKIP9581.83%
Platt G.M.Veritas1720.33%

Electorate: 72,504; Turnout: 72.28%;
Majority: 5,711 (10.90%)

Sussex Mid
[E] Conservative hold
Soames A.N.W.*Conservative23,76548.02%
Tierney S.A. Ms.LibDem17,87536.12%
Fromant R.J.Labour6,28012.69%
Piggott H.E.UKIP1,5743.18%

Electorate: 70,693; Turnout: 70.01%;
Majority: 5,890 (11.90%)

Sutton & Cheam
[E] LibDem hold
Burstow P.K.*LibDem19,76847.14%
Willis R.J.Conservative16,92240.36%
Shukla A.Labour4,95411.81%
Weiss R.G.Vote for yourself
rainbow dream ticket

Electorate: 62,885; Turnout: 66.68%;
Majority: 2,846 (6.79%)

Sutton Coldfield
[E] Conservative hold
Mitchell A.J.B.*Conservative24,30852.48%
Pocock R.L.Labour12,02525.96%
Drury C.G.LibDem7,71016.65%
Shorrock S.H.UKIP2,2754.91%

Electorate: 72,970; Turnout: 63.48%;
Majority: 12,283 (26.52%)

Swansea East
[W] Labour hold
James S.C. Ms.Labour17,45756.62%
Speht R.LibDem6,20820.13%
Bland E.M. Ms.Conservative3,10310.06%
Couch C.S. Ms.Plaid Cymru2,1296.90%
Holloway K.W.BNP7702.50%
Jenkins T.C.UKIP6742.19%
Young J.A.Green4931.60%

Electorate: 57,502; Turnout: 53.62%;
Majority: 11,249 (36.48%)

Swansea West
[W] Labour hold
Williams A.J.*Labour13,83341.81%
Kinzett R.H.LibDem9,56428.91%
Abdel-Haq M.K.Conservative5,28515.97%
Roberts H.L.Plaid Cymru2,1506.50%
Shrewsbury M.J.Green7382.23%
Ford M.UKIP6091.84%
Holley Y.M. Ms.Veritas4011.21%
Williams R.Socialist Alternative2880.87%
Pank S.J.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 58,363; Turnout: 56.69%;
Majority: 4,269 (12.90%)

Swindon North
[E] Labour hold
Wills M.D.*Labour19,61243.69%
Tomlinson J.P.Conservative17,04137.97%
Evemy M.S.LibDem6,83115.22%
Tingey R.H.UKIP9982.22%
Newman A.D.Socialist Unity2080.46%
Reynolds E.W.Ind1950.43%

Electorate: 73,913; Turnout: 60.73%;
Majority: 2,571 (5.73%)

Swindon South
[E] Labour hold
Snelgrove A.C. Ms.Labour17,53440.33%
Buckland R.J.Conservative16,18137.22%
Stebbing S.R. Ms.LibDem7,32216.84%
Hughes J.V.Green1,2342.84%
Halden S.F.UKIP9552.20%
Hayward A.D.Ind1930.44%
Williams J.H.Ind530.12%

Electorate: 72,166; Turnout: 60.24%;
Majority: 1,353 (3.11%)

[E] Labour hold
Jenkins B.D.*Labour18,80142.98%
Pincher C.J.Conservative16,23237.11%
Bennion R.P.LibDem6,17514.12%
Eston P.J.Veritas1,3203.02%
Simpson T.H.G.UKIP1,2122.77%

Electorate: 71,675; Turnout: 61.03%;
Majority: 2,569 (5.87%)

[E] Conservative hold
Osborne G.G.O.*Conservative21,44751.79%
Madders J.P.R.Labour9,71623.46%
Arnold W.J.A.LibDem9,01621.77%
Bowler D.C. Ms.UKIP9962.40%
Gibson M.G.Ind2390.58%

Electorate: 64,140; Turnout: 64.57%;
Majority: 11,731 (28.33%)

[E] LibDem gain
Browne J.R.LibDem25,76443.28%
Flook A.J.*Conservative25,19142.32%
Govier A.J.Labour7,13211.98%
Miles H.C. Ms.UKIP1,4412.42%

Electorate: 84,811; Turnout: 70.19%;
Majority: 573 (0.96%)

[E] LibDem hold
Younger-Ross R.*LibDem27,80845.66%
Johnson S.P.Conservative21,59335.46%
Sherwood C.G.Labour6,93111.38%
Colman B.T.UKIP3,8816.37%
Wills R.S.Liberal6851.12%

Electorate: 87,681; Turnout: 69.45%;
Majority: 6,215 (10.21%)

[E] Labour hold
Wright D.*Labour16,50648.25%
Kyriazis S.L. Ms.Conservative11,10032.45%
Jenkins I.C.LibDem4,94114.44%
McCartney T.UKIP1,6594.85%

Electorate: 59,298; Turnout: 57.68%;
Majority: 5,406 (15.80%)

[E] Conservative hold
Robertson L.A.*Conservative22,33949.15%
Cameron A.R.LibDem12,44727.38%
Mannan C.Labour9,17920.19%
Rendell R.J.Green1,4883.27%

Electorate: 71,945; Turnout: 63.18%;
Majority: 9,892 (21.76%)

Thanet North
[E] Conservative hold
Gale R.J.*Conservative21,69949.62%
Johnston I. Ms.Labour14,06532.16%
Barnard M.A.LibDem6,27914.36%
Stocks T.E.UKIP1,6893.86%

Electorate: 72,012; Turnout: 60.73%;
Majority: 7,634 (17.46%)

Thanet South
[E] Labour hold
Ladyman S.J.*Labour16,66040.40%
Macgregor M.C.Conservative15,99638.79%
Voizey G.S.B.LibDem5,43113.17%
Farage N.P.UKIP2,0795.04%
Green H.L.Green8882.15%
Kinsella M. Ms.Ind1880.46%

Electorate: 63,027; Turnout: 65.44%;
Majority: 664 (1.61%)

[E] Labour hold
Mackinlay A.S.*Labour20,63647.23%
Hague G.P.J.Conservative14,26132.64%
Palmer E.D.LibDem4,77010.92%
Geri N.BNP2,5265.78%
Jackson C.A. Ms.UKIP1,4993.43%

Electorate: 79,758; Turnout: 54.78%;
Majority: 6,375 (14.59%)

Tiverton & Honiton
[E] Conservative hold
Browning A. Ms.*Conservative27,83847.86%
Nation D.J.LibDem16,78728.86%
Bentley F.W. Ms.Labour7,94413.66%
Edwards R.C.UKIP2,4994.30%
Collins R.F.Liberal1,7012.92%
Matthews C.R.Green1,3992.41%

Electorate: 82,976; Turnout: 70.10%;
Majority: 11,051 (19.00%)

Tonbridge & Malling
[E] Conservative hold
Stanley J.P.*Conservative24,35752.88%
Hayman V. Ms.Labour11,00523.89%
Barstow J.E.LibDem8,98019.50%
Waller D.L.UKIP1,7213.74%

Electorate: 67,513; Turnout: 68.23%;
Majority: 13,352 (28.99%)

[E] Labour hold
Khan S.A.Labour17,91443.10%
Bethell J.N.Conservative12,53330.15%
Dearden S.M. Ms.LibDem8,11019.51%
Vitelli S.M. Ms.Green1,6954.08%
Zaidi A.J.Respect7001.68%
McDonald S.D.UKIP4241.02%
Perkin I.K.Ind1920.46%

Electorate: 70,510; Turnout: 58.95%;
Majority: 5,381 (12.95%)

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