Political Science Resources: UK General Election, 5th May 2005
BBC/ITN exit poll
predicted Labour majority of 66
Sky 2.0am forecast: majority of 80
Full constituency results

Labour had a majority of 71, including the Staffordshire South and Cheadle results, see note  § at end:

Con 198 (+32);   Lab 355 (-57);   LibD 62 (+10);   SNP 6 (+1); PC 3 (-1);
DUP 9 (+4); SF 5 (+1); SDLP 3 (n/c); UUP 1 (-5); Speaker 1 (-); Respect 1 (+1); IKHHC 1 (-); Independent 1 (+1)
Turnout: 61.3% (+1.9)

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At the last general election (7th June 2001) Labour had a majority of 166, excluding the Speaker:

Con 166 (+1);   Lab 412 (+ Speaker) (-6);   LibD 52 (+6);   SNP 5 (-1); PC 4 (n/c); UUP 6 (-4); DUP 5 (+3); SF 4 (+2); SDLP 3 (n/c); Independent 1 (-1)

Complete results and statistics for the 2001 election

§ Majority: This figure assumes that the Speaker and three Deputy Speakers (who do not normally vote) are excluded, along with the 5 Sinn Féin MPs (who did not take up their seats)

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British General Election 2005

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