Party Labels used by candidates

All together 169 different labels are being used by candidates. They are listed below. Figures in parentheses indicate the number of seats contested in England and Wales.
21st Century Independent Foresters (1)
Albion Party (1)
Alliance Party
All Night Party (1)
Alternative Liberal Democrat (1)
Anti Abortion Euthanasia Embryo Experiments (1)
Anti Child Abuse
Anti-Corruption Candidate (1)
Anti-Majority Democracy (1)
Anti-sleaze Labour (1)
Beaconsfield Independent; Unity Through Electoral Reform (1)
Berties Party (1)
Black Haired Medium Build Caucasian Male (1)
British Democratic Party (1)
British Freedom and Individual Rights (1)
British Home Rule (1)
British Isles People First Party (1)
British National Party (53)
Building a Fair Society (1)
Care in the Community (1)
Charter for Basic Rights (1)
Christian Democrat (3)
Christian Nationalist (1)
Christian Party (1)
Common Sense Sick of Politicians Party (1)
Communist League (2)
Communist Party of Britain (3)
Community Representative Party (1)
Conservative Party
Conservatives Against the Single Currency (1)
Conservatory (1)
Constitutionalist (1)
Country Field and Shooting Sports (2)
Democratic Nationalist
Democratic Unionist Party
English Democratic Party (1)
English Independent Humanist Party (1)
European Unity Party (1)
Fancy Dress Party (1)
Fellowship Party for Peace and Justice (1)
First Dynamic Party (1)
Former Captain NI Football Team
Freedom Party (2)
Full Employment Party (1)
Glow Bowling Party (5)
Green Party (90)
Green Party for Euro Referendum (1)
Green Referendum Lawless Naturally Street Party (1)
Happiness Stan's Freedom to Party (1)
Heart 106.2 Alien Party (1)
Hemp Coalition (1)
Humanist Party (1)
Human Rights '97
Independent (25)
Independent Against a Federal Europe (1)
Independent Anti-Corruption in Government / TGWU (1)
Independent Back to Basics (1)
Independent Conservative (4)
Independent Conservative Referendum Party (1)
Independent Democracy Means Consulting the People (1)
Independent Democrat
Independent English Conservative and Referendum (1)
Independent Forester (1)
Independent Green: Your Children's Future (1)
Independent Labour (4)
Independently Beautiful Party (1)
Independent No to Europe (1)
Independent OAP (1)
Independent Royal Forest of Dean (1)
Independent Save Barts Candidate (1)
Islam Zinda Baad Platform (1)
Island Independent (1)
Juice Party (1)
Justice and Renewal Independent Party (1)
Justice Party (2)
Keep Britain Free and Independent Party (1)
Labour Co-operative
Labour Party
Labour Time for Change Candidate (1)
Legalise Cannabis Party (4)
Liberal Democrat
Liberal Party (49)
Local Conservative (1)
Local Government Reform (1)
Local Independent (1)
Logic Party Truth Only Allowed (1)
Lord Byro versus the Scallywag Tories (1)
Loyal Conservative (2)
Mal Voice of the People Party (1)
Mebyon Kernow (4)
Miss Moneypenney's Glamourous One Party (1)
Monster Raving Loony Party (24)
Multi-Racial Anti-Corruption Alliance (1)
Musician (1)
National Democrat (21)
National Front (6)
Natural Law Party (159)
Newbury Bypass Stop Construction Now (1)
New Labour (5)
New Labour Party Candidate (1)
New Millenium New Way Hemp Candidate (1)
None of the Above Parties (1)
Non-Party Conservative (1)
Northern Ireland Party
Northern Ireland Women's Coalition
Old Labour (1)
Pacifist for Peace, Justice, Cooperation, Environment (1)
Pathfinders (1)
People in Slough Shunning Useless Polticians (1)
People's Choice (1)
People's Labour Party (1)
People's Party (1)
Plaid Cymru (42)
Plymouth First Group (1)
Progressive Unionist Party
Pro Interests of South Shields People (1)
ProLife Alliance (46)
Protecting All Your Rights Locally Effectively (1)
Radical Alternative (1)
Rainbow Connection Your Island Candidate (1)
Rainbow Dream Ticket Party (29)
Rainbow Referendum (1)
Real Labour Party (1)
Referendum Alliance (1)
Referendum Party (478)
Renaissance Democrat (1)
Republican Party of Great Britain (1)
Residents' Association (1)
Rizz Party (2)
Ronnie the Rhino Party (1)
Route 66 Party Posse Party (1)
Scottish Conservative Unofficial
Scottish Labour Independent
Scottish Labour Unofficial
Scottish National Party
Scottish Socialist Alliance
Scrapit Stop Avon Ring Road Now (1)
Sheffield Independent Party (1)
Sinn Fein
Social Democrat (2)
Social Democratic and Labour Party
Socialist Equality Party (3)
Socialist Labour Party (64)
Socialist Party (20)
Space Age Superhero from Planet Beanus (1)
Sportsman's Alliance: Anything But Mellor (1)
Stratford First Democratic Conservative (1)
Sub-genius Party (1)
Teddy Bear Alliance Party (1)
The Fourth Party (1)
The Mongolian Barbeque Great Place to Party (1)
The People's Party Party (1)
The Speaker (1)
Third Way (2)
Top Choice Liberal Democrat (1)
UK Independence Party (196)
UK Pensioners Party (2)
Ulster Unionist Party
United Kingdom Unionist
Universal Alliance (1)
Value Party
Wessex Regionalist (1)
West Cheshire College in Crisis Party (1)
Whig Party (1)
Workers' Party
Workers Revolutionary Party (8)
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