The Progressive Unionist Party supports the government's recognition of employment and education as tools for regeneration and calls for equal emphasis to be placed on housing as the provision of adequate housing is an integral part of the regeneration process.

We call upon government to make available adequate funding to tackle the problems of homelessness, disrepair, overcrowding, dereliction and blight within the inner city and urban areas. We further urge government to establish a special fund to rehabilitate and refurbish the inordinate number of occupied but uninhabitable houses in rural areas.

Having witnessed the widespread destruction of traditional communities in urban areas the party calls for a development policy which is properly informed by the community and which sees a shift from consultation to participation.

We also call upon government to consider proper methods of planning for interface areas based on the principle of community representation and community participation at all levels of planning.

Progressive Unionists believe that while there is vacant land available within inner-city areas suitable for housing development it is unnecessary to build beyond the greenbelt.