The Environment

The Progressive Unionist Party believes that environmentalism, which is based on a fundamental understanding of the interaction between the human and the natural, is vitally important to modern society and that environmental concern ought to inform our political philosophy as democratic socialists. Environmental politics is not just about conserving natural resources, it is also about enriching and enhancing the fundamental welfare of people and the communities in which they live.

The party believes that the environment is a natural and common resource which must be protected by all of us acting in concert and insists that proper safeguards for the conservation of natural resources should be of paramount importance when considering economic development. To this end the party calls for

  • the concept of environmental issues being incorporated into economic policy and planning.

  • tighter controls on the dumping of toxic waste together with penalties for those convicted of river pollution and illegal dumping. stiffer

  • an improvement in the physical appearance of inner city areas, peripheral housing estates, main arterial routes and thoroughfares.

  • the development of open space amenities for local communities.