Economic Strategy

The Progressive Unionist Party calls for a multiple strategy approach which should include both medium and long term goals across the following sectors:

  1. Selective intervention to retain and expand the indigenous economic base of Northern Ireland based companies.
  2. Target setting for inward investment by the l.D.B. and encouragement of companies to disadvantaged areas.
  3. Risk support for entrepreneurial development.
  4. Creation in the medium term of a community based social economy with jobs of added community value, matched to local need, i.e., Poverty Support Teams, Environmental Task Forces, Sports Development, Community Care.
  5. Establishment of local capital finance funds.
  6. Financial support for research and development.
  7. Implementation of an integrated planning approach.

The Party believes that Northern Ireland needs economic growth so that we can create sustainable jobs that will reduce long-term unemployment and enhance the quality of life. Growth alone will not achieve this, it must be accompanied by development if we are to tackle the problems of the disadvantaged.

The Party will focus on social inclusion and the eradication of deprivation as well as on economic growth. We believe that we must develop the skills base, innovation and the education system if we are to sustain growth and build an environment for investment.