Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales Manifesto

Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales Manifesto 2001

The election we are facing is a crucial one for Wales.

In the first election since the establishment of the National Assembly it is more important than ever before that we strengthen the presence of the Party of Wales at Westminster.

Wales may have had a measure of devolution but our laws are still made in London, and a strong presence of members of a party that is free to put the interests of Wales first, is essential.

An important part of our work will be to scrutinise legislation at Westminster to give the Assembly an opportunity to adapt it to the needs of Wales.

Similarly we are also needed to push forward the process of devolution and constitutional reform. One of our priorities will therefore be to introduce a bill that will give the Assembly legislative powers, on the lines of the Scottish Parliament.

The economic and social message of the Party of Wales will be equally important in the election.

With New Labour adopting more and more Tory policies, and the Tories moving ever further to the right, the need for such a party as Plaid Cymru to speak up for social justice is urgent.

It gives me great pleasure to present a manifesto that has been prepared with the specific purpose of meeting the needs of Wales, and I ask for your support in ensuring a strong voice for the interests of Wales during the coming parliamentary term.

Elfyn Llwyd
Plaid Cymru The Party of Wales Parliamentary Leader

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