Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales Manifesto

Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales Manifesto 2001

Elfyn Llwyd, Plaid Cymru The Party of Wales parliamentary leader
Main election themes
Introduction by Ieuan Wyn Jones, President Plaid Cymru The Party of Wales
Part 1
Wales today and the need for change
Analysis of the economic and political background to the election in Wales
A Economy and society under pressure:
the effects of the policies of the past twenty years
B Wales, Britain and Europe - The constitutional context

Part II
Making Wales work
The Party of Wales's Westminster programme for the coming parliamentary term
Section 1
Creating sustainable prosperity
i. The economic and monetary framework
ii. Developing a sustainable economy
iii. A future for the countryside
iv. Transport and traffic
v. Homes
Section 2
Nurturing the Mind
i. Education and training
ii. Culture (and conservation)
iii. Broadcasting
iv. The Welsh Language
Section 3
A civilised society
i. Health and social services
ii. Pensions and Social Security
iii. Law and Order
Section 4
Shared Power
i. A legislative parliament for Wales
ii. Regenerating local government
iii. Unity in Europe
iv. External security
v. One World

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