The Green Party general election manifesto can now be seen in the following formats:

Full colour webpages - like the printed version, but adapted for screen

A .pdf file in greyscale - the best option for printing, but you will need the Acrobat viewer (see below)


Information on viewing the pdf version of the manifesto

PDF is a file format used to send artwork - such as leaflets and reports- over the Internet. PDF files always print out the same way on any computer, including both Windows and Mac machines.
To view and print PDF files, you need software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is incorporated in recent web browsers - for older browsers, you need to instal the reader. It is available free from Adobe's website and is also available on some of the free disks you get with computer magazines.

To install Acrobat, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Adobe's website and choose the version of Acrobat you need
  • Enter your name and email address
  • Download the file - it's over 5MB, so this could take over an hour. Choose to save the file to disk.
  • Find where you saved the file and run it (in Windows use My Computer or Explorer to find the file, and then single-click or double-click it to run it)
  • Follow the instructions