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Democracy - this forum is for discussions about democracy, about how party policy can be developed to reflect "The Will of the People"

Monetary Reform - for discussion about the need for monetary reform and how practical economic policy can be developed

European Union - for discussion about public sentiment regarding the EU and how this can be translated into practical action, policy and media coverage; also whether anti-EU feeling is caused mainly by the functioning of the EU bureaucracy and lack of democratic accountability rather than U.K. zenophobia or obsessive attachment to sovereignty, independence etc.; whether increasing unity with Europe could be promoted by other means, etc., etc.

Transport - for discussion about transport and quality of life and the environment as impacted by transport; also how monetary reform could alleviate the transport problem.

Law and Order - for discussion about crime in all its forms; and the justice system, both at home and in relation to the European Union.

General - for discussion about all issues not specifically covered in the above.

Archive - copies of all postings to ALL forums are published here

These forums are for discussion about the various issues that fall into the political arena, and to consider how the Democratic Party could develop effective policy in line with "The Will of the People, NOT of the Party".

The forums operate through email, with postings being read by the administrator who then forwards them to the list of subscribers. This is to exclude those which are gratuitously anti-social, offensive or defamatory. Postings that pass the initial vetting process are nevertheless the responsibility of the author. Please note that emails are subject to the libel laws.

Where officers or council members of the Democratic Party contribute to these discussion forums this would normally be on a personal basis because it would not be practicable for postings to be answered by the Party Council as a whole; though specific postings may be referred to the Council for consideration and to help party policy to evolve. Where party policy is being quoted, this will be made clear at the time. Generally, postings are read by Council members who are listed as subscribers to these forums.

Please also note that it would be hoped that discussions could be largely constructive and positive, rather than destructive and negative. This is an opportunity to contribute effectively towards improving the democratic process. Negative comments are not an effective contribution and serve only to discourage.

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