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National Independence and Globalism

The Democratic Party believes that the United Kingdom's independence is part of our great heritage and is supported by a large majority of the British people. We are heirs to a tradition of liberty and representative government. As an independent nation we are responsible for our own affairs on the world stage.

The DP therefore believes that the process which has made the government of the United Kingdom and the jurisdiction of its courts subordinate to the European Union, is constitutionally illegal and a betrayal of our heritage. We will work to reverse this process and will seek to restore our ancient liberties at the earliest possible opportunity.

The DP acknowledges co-operation with international bodies, such as the United Nations Organisation and military defence organisations like NATO, but rejects the concept of a world government. In particular, we will resist any attempt to make Britain part of a European army in an EU Common Foreign and Security Policy.

We declare it to be unwise to work towards a one-world order of government under which all nations would be asked to give up their national independence. A world government would be a fusion of contradictory values, cultures and institutions that could produce only initial paralysis followed by the implosion of dictatorial rule under a dominant ideology.

We maintain the right to a distinctive and integral cultural identity based on the values and law contained in our heritage, and the right to protect ourselves against attempts to destroy or weaken this culture from without or within.

We declare that international law must not take precedence over legislation enacted by the duly elected representatives of independent states. The International Court of Justice in The Hague must not become more than a court of arbitration for international disputes. Overtures to strengthen the World Court by investing it with powers of compulsory jurisdiction, which make its decisions binding on all states, should be dismissed as another intrusion into national independence and a direct move towards world government and dictatorship by an elite.

The policies of the Foreign Office should in no way further the aims of global political federation, or otherwise compromise Britain's national identity and independence.

Influence of the Nation

We believe that a nation guided by the principles of its heritage can have a strong influence for good in international affairs, showing by example and by counsel the way to solve many of the world's seemingly intractable problems.

We reject appeasement as a solution for long-term peace. We affirm that there can be no peace without personal freedom, and that it would be futile to strive for peace through pacifism or disarmament without also taking into account the rebellious nature of mankind. We favour a foreign policy that is independent, but not neutral. We affirm that all freedom-loving people should not have a neutral or positive stance towards human tyranny.

Foreign Aid

We believe that the provision of foreign aid should be limited to cases of disaster when military equipment and manpower is needed to save life (disaster aid). Foreign aid should be organised by private charities and initiatives, which administer aid in accordance with declared criteria that those supporting such agencies accept.

A DP government would provide help and aid for other countries in emergencies where immediate action by private charities is not possible and such immediate aid is necessary to save life. Such aid would be provided directly by the military forces and, where possible, private charitable giving will be encouraged to fund expenditure that is over and above the normal costs of maintaining and training the military forces. The role of the military in a disaster situation would therefore be limited to the use of military personnel and machinery.

Foreign Trade

We believe that private enterprise should be encouraged to trade freely with all nations, except when trade in commodities of a strategic nature would compromise our national security.


We believe Britain should not condone, give sanctuary to, assist or otherwise co-operate in any way with those involved in terrorism. Accordingly, Britain should have no dealings with organisations that engage in terrorist activities aimed deliberately against innocent civilians.



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