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The British Suffragette Movement

Towards a Welsh
Young Communists League!

The Young Communist League is currently in the process of being reformed, over the past few months new branches have been formed in north and south Wales. If you would like to join the Welsh Young Communist League or find out more about its activities then contact:

Dave, north Wales branch YCL organiser, at


Matthew, south Wales branch YCL organiser, at

The Young Communist League is the youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain and member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).

What We Stand For

The YCL is organisationally autonomous annd decides its own policies, priorities and activities.

The YCL is a democratic organisation based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism. It is directed by a National Committee whose members are elected at the annual YCL Congress, and it is building branches across Britain.

The YCL aims to develop the political consciousness of young people and to increase their involvement in politics both nationally and internationally.

The YCL seeks to become the communist wing of a wider youth movement.

The YCL seeks to defend and strengthen the welfare state, and campaign for its extension as a step towards creating an equal and just society. We believe that public transport should be viewed as part of this system.

The YCL demands free and inclusive secular education for all, including nursery care, schools, universities, community colleges and adult education centres.

The YCL believes that a redistribution of wealth through progressive taxation can pay for this. The economic demands of big business are starving our welfare system, which Britain, one of the richest states on earth, could certainly otherwise afford.

The YCL opposes the overwhelming power of big business, and opposes the European Union because this is a vehicle for promoting the interests of big business at the expense of democracy and equality, and its institutions are undemocratic, corrupt and unaccountable. The European Union also threatens to introduce ever more racist foreign policies, as shown by the Schengen agreements, which Britain has largely signed up to, and the moves to create a single European army.

The YCL aims to help establish a socialist society based on public ownership and democratic control. We believe that in Britain at the moment social change can be achieved by peaceful means. However, we defend the right of the oppressed to resort to armed struggle when this is the most practical way of liberating themselves.

The YCL believes that no one should be unfairly discriminated against in any way on any basis, including sex, race, sexuality, disability or religious beliefs.

The YCL supports the right of Women to free and easily available abortion.

The YCL recognises the Irish people's right to self-determination.

The YCL supports the cancellation of 'third world' debt.

The YCL works in solidarity with sister organisations throughout the world, and supports the struggle of people everywhere for socialism. The YCL declares its support for the world's socialist and progressive countries.

The YCL opposes all anti-trade union laws.

The YCL does not believe that Britain needs a nuclear arsenal, and campaigns for unilateral, immediate and unconditional nuclear disarmament.

The YCL recognises that religion has been used in the past to keep working people in drudgery and exploitation, but also acknowledges and works with progressive religious currents and all religious people prepared to fight for social change.

The YCL demands a secular state, and supports freedom of worship and of religious and atheist propaganda.

The YCL realises the urgency of protecting the natural environment.We hold that the most environmental damage is caused by the wilful neglect of major corporations and governments, and that this can be changed through socialism.

The YCL supports the Morning Star as the only daily socialist newspaper in Britain and does its utmost to aid the circulation of the paper.

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How to subscribe contact us:

YCL, Unit F11, Cape House, 1st Floor, 787 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HG. Tel: 0207 5179722

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