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The British
Suffragette Movement




"The Morning
Star is a lone
voice reporting
on issues that
directly involve
the working class
and their organisations.
Day in day out
there is only one
daily paper
telling real stories,
about real people."

papers are produced by the tories EVERY day

and the

ain't one of them!

The Morning Star

The capitalist press barons produce 10 million newspaper copies every day. The Morning Star alone provides an alternative daily viewpoint.

The Morning Star is not the property of the Communist Party. The People's Press Printing Society (PPPS), the co-operative which owns the paper, was established by the Communist Party in 1945 to enable the Daily Worker (as the paper was then known) to broaden its base of ownership and support. Today, thousands of supporters - individuals and labour movement organisations - own shares.

However, a special relationship remains between the Party and the Morning Star, based not only on history, but also on the fact that successive Annual General Meetings of the PPPS have agreed that the editorial policy of the paper is guided by The British Road to Socialism.

Party Rule 15(b) states that members have the duty "to read the Morning Star and to help in every way the circulation of the paper." This is our number one priority, as increased circulation is crucial in the battle of ideas and in organising resistance to attacks on living standards, jobs and democratic rights.

The Morning Star is now available at the following outlets in Gwent

  • Newport Train Station
  • Marshalls in the Kingsway Centre
  • Sainsburys in Cwmbran
  • Thornhill Newsagent Cwmbran
  • Patel's South Street Sebastopol

The Morning Star should also be on sale at:

  • Fallowfield Drive Pontfaen, Newport
  • Alway Parade, Alway Newport
  • 19/20 Ringland Centre, Newport
  • 16 High Street, Chepstow
  • Wesley Buildings, Newport Road, Caldicott

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