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The British Suffragette Movement


Keeping you up to date on the political life in Wales, Britain and the world

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Latest articles: A Great Charade (John Pilger's analysis of American Imperialism)

Index of articles

Socialist University Foot-and-mouth Student Charter
Wales TASC Callous Corus A reply to Cllr Glyn
Budget response Communists and elections May Day protest
General election 2001 Eugene McCarten's speech The Emperor's new clothes
Thatcherism on a European scale Massacres of civilians CymruWales Unison anti-war motion
Sept 11 CP statements Oct. CND rally Stop the War - CP analysis
Cardiff Demo (10.1101) Nov. antiwar rally Britain's Road to Socialism
A Great Charade    

Anti-NATO Cartoons

1. Wanted NATO world criminal

2. New World Order

3. Stop NATO

4. Humanitarian reasons

5. American flag


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