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The British
Suffragette Movement

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Help finance the struggle against capitalism

2002 Communist Party Appeal

The target this year for the Britain wide general appeal is £16, 500. This is used to supplement the money raised through subscriptions and is intended to increase the resources available for campaigning on issues such as: of Stop the War, Anti Euro, trade union work, contesting elections ... etc.

Help Us Raise 1000.00 in Wales

All Party members and friends are urged to contribute to this appeal, to ensure that the Party centrally can produce the propaganda (leaflets, pamplets & flyers) and maximise our campaigning (public meetings, conferences, demonstrations).

If every visitor to this website were just to donate £1 then our appeal would be met in a few weeks.. So don't delay donate today!

How to Donate/Support the Appeal

Send a cheque (large or small), payable to WCCPB to:

Welsh Communists, c/o CCTUS, 131 Crwys Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4NH


support fund raising events in Wales e.g. Dominic & Sandra's Bar-B-Q in Taff's Well on 17th August, join the Fete De L'Humanite trip to Paris 12th - 16th September or come to the annual Red November dinner in Cardiff. See Latest Events for information on all of these events.


organise your own fund raising event e.g. book sale, car boot sale, social event .. etc.


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