Welsh Parliament

Welsh National Assembly
Election 2003

Con: 11, Ind: 1, Lab: 30, LibDem: 6, Plaid Cymru: 12
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List of AMs and links to the full results

The National Assembly for Wales has 60 members. In Assembly elections voters have two votes and two ballot papers. One is for 40 constituency members which are voted using the traditional first-past-the post method of election. The other vote is for 20 additional members, on a regional basis, using the European Parliamentary Constituencies. This Additional Member System (AMS) is a form of proportional representation and attempts to ensure that the overall number of seats for each political party reflects their share of the votes. Each electoral region includes 7-9 constituencies (see the links to individual regions, below).

Details of regional voting:-

 ElectorateTotal VoteTurnout
Mid & West Wales409,155184,19849.65%
North Wales475,148175,02836.84%
South Wales Central480,113181,04737.71%
South Wales East469,533169,73136.15%
South Wales West395,596139,54832.28%


15 'parties' stood on the regional lists, see above links for details.

Constituency votes

The total electorate was 2,229,545 of whom 851,357 voted - a turnout of 38.19%
The average electorate size was 55,738.63. In Labour won seats the average was 57,227.20, Liberal Democrat 53,935.67 and Plaid Cymru 47,592.60

14 'parties' stood in the constituencies - see the full list of parties for details. The list shows the percentage of votes obtained by each of the parties. 30 candidates lost their deposits.

A total of 200 candidates stood in the election. One Labour candidate obtained a majority that was more than 50% of the votes cast. There is a list of constituencies in order of percentage majority, together with separate lists for the three main parties in order of marginality.

15 elected AMs had more than 50% of the votes cast, and there is a list of constituencies in order of the winner's percentage of votes cast. One issue that often interests people is what proportion of the electorate a winning candidate achieves. This is also included in this list. Turnout ranged from 24.89% in Alyn & Deeside to 50.49% in Ynys Mon. Constituencies are listed in order of turnout.

Copies of party election manifestos are available for the main parties.

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